Chapter Seventeen

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Dedicated to Sophitz_KOTLC...cause well, you are, you.


Sophie placed the pen between the journal pages and closed it, as Fitz's grandparents observed her. Gwendolyn held a garden pot in her hands, as a colorful orchid grew out of it. She set the orchid on Sophie's desk and finally cleared her throat, breaking the silence. "You. Look really good for someone whose just been poisoned." She said. "Gwendolyn..." Royce scolded. "What? she does!" Gwendolyn defended herself.

Turning to Sophie, Gwendolyn looked her over. "I heard you were making a garden so I brought over an orchid for you to plant. I'm Gwendolyn, and this is my husband Royce." She said as she sat on the love seat that faced Sophie. "Nice to meet you." Sophie said slowly. She was taken aback by Gwendolyn's out going character that was dripping with sarcasm and kindness, while Royce was like a solid wall that kept her in line. Sophie could see how well they balanced each other, immediately.

"I told them about you." Fitz said as he sat beside Sophie. "He told us about you, as soon as he was allowed too." Gwendolyn said. "He told us about the human world, seeing and meeting you, you, yourself -and I do have to agree with you Fitz- the brown is the most unique color I've ever seen. Royce and I have wanted to meet you for a very long time, but then you got taken...potentially died, came back and found an alicorn and-" Gwendolyn took a deep breath. "You have a very busy life." She said accusingly, though her eyes were light and teasing.

Royce sat beside his wife, his hand resting just above her knee. In a way Gwendolyn and Royce reminded Sophie a lot of the alicorns. Silveny with energetic enthusiasm pouring out of her, and Greyfell's quiet stoic kind of character hiding a very big heart. "I guess." Sophie shrugged, her feet had been stretched out across the sun seat, not reaching the end. But Fitz sat beside them, and his finger came up and tapped her ankle. A small action with waves of encouragement. "I guess it's always been like that." Sophie competed her sentence. Gwendolyn smiled.

"So, what's Fitzroy's biggest secret?" She asked girlishly. "Grandma!" Fitz scolded which made Sophie chuckled. Her sides hurt but she couldn't help but laugh. "What? You never tell me anything. It's always 'I need to talk to Grandpa' bleh!" Gwen so stuck her tongue out at Fitz, making Sophie burst into laughter. She could hear the pain laced in it, but she clutched her sides and laughed. "See laughter is always the best medicine. Royce could learn a thing or two." Gwendolyn said nudging Royce's side making the stony face break and a smile slip through.

"Ow..." Sophie and she managed to catch her breath. Fitz's finger tapped her ankle, sending spine tingling warmth shoot up to her chest. She shivered and Fitz handed her the white throw blanket. "I've been wanting to meet the amazing Sophie Foster...I did see you a couple of small event like when you first teleported -totally not a big deal- and such." Gwendolyn teased, as Royce looked around at Sophie's room. The bed, stripped of it's covers, a vanity set with no elixirs, a desk with a clean top and her school bag on her desk chair where all her homework had been finished. It was then that Sophie realized...this room looked like someone hardly lived in it. Besides her boots set neatly by the door, her school bag, and Iggy's cage, and Ella beside her, it looked as if this were a guest room.

From his place burrowed in her sleeve, Iggy squeaked. "What was that?" Royce asked. Sophie lifted her arm. "Iggy." Fitz said as he helped Iggy out of Sophie's long sleeve. Gwendolyn's eyes brightened. "A pet imp? How cute." She said holding her hands out, Fitz placed the imp in his grandmother's hands. Royce's eyebrows shot up and his eyes went to if looking at her anew.

Sophie wrapped the soft blanket around her shoulders. "What a girl." Gwendolyn said softly. Despite Iggy being cuddled close to her face, Gwendolyn's eyes were on Sophie. Making her blush. "Do you guys have any advice for me and Fitz, as we train?" Sophie asked. "Yes. Fall in love." Gwendolyn snickered as she dodged Royce's hand that reached out to try and cover her mouth. "I will not be silenced." She told Royce, defiantly as she walked the short distance to the window seat. "Make way for your grandmother, Fitzroy." She said lightly as she sat at the feet of Sophie. Face red, Fitz sat on the love seat.

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