Chapter One

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Unedited. (Takes place before Lodestar, obviously.)

Sobs echoed through the Foxfire halls. More than one girl too.

Sophie Foster slowed her pace as she listened to the sniffles and gasping hiccupped breaths being dragged in. At her side, Sophie's best friend slowed his own pace.

Dexter Dizznee, was a year younger than her but by no means was he as confused as her. Over the past month Dex had grown a couple of inches and was finally as tall as his cousin.

"Not this again." He grumbled under his breath as a new voice joined in the suppressed crying. "What's going on?" Sophie asked. Dex grumbled under his breath before hoisting his school bag higher on his shoulder. "It's stupid. Don't worry about it, kay?" Dex stared at her before she nodded. Nodding as if affirming to himself everything would be okay, Dex turned to his locker.

Sophie watched his facial reaction as he licked the DNA strip. Shrugging, as the locker popped open, he said. "Tastes bitter." He said as he pulled his books out. Sophie turned to her own locker and licked it. Bitter was an understatement. Dex snorted as she gave him an accusing look. He already had a prattle candy in his mouth as he offered one to Sophie.

Sophie and Dex had the same kind of morning each day. They met at Foxfire's gates, walked into school as they made plans for after school, Sophie would wait for Dex to try the DNA strip first, then he'd share his prattles with her if Elwin had picked the flavor -which was more often then not- then they'd see who'd take the prattles pin.

"It's an imp." Dex said popping another candy in his mouth. "I have three imps." Sophie said as she managed to shove all her books in her own school bag. Dex smirked and handed her the imp. "I have four." Sophie grinned as she took the imp and shoved it in her bag along with her books. Just then a girl ran through the hall, sobbing as she ran towards the girl's locker room. Her hands covering her face. "Wha-"

"Don't worry about it." Dex answered Sophie as she stared after the girl. "That girl was crying..." Sophie said wondering why Dex seemed so calm about the sobbing coming from the halls. Dex sighed as he closed his locker. "This is happens like once a year."

"What do you mean?" Sophie asked. Even though she'd been living in the Lost Cities for nearly two and a half years, she still wasn't caught up on everything. Just as Dex was about to answer a voice came from down the hall. "Sophie." It sounded relieved as Sophie turned. Fitz half ran half walked towards her as he glanced over his shoulder as if expecting to be tackled at any moment. Sophie only saw Fitz once a week, and that was only for cognate training.

Having been grounded for nearly two months with Dex, the two hadn't been allowed to go anywhere after school, Sophie hadn't been able to visit Everglen. However she knew it was a bad idea to try to make a hair dying potion, but Dex had needed her help. Unfortunately the serum had exploded, dying everything within sixteen feet a silvery grey. Including Dex and herself. Thankfully Dex had another potion which got most of the dye out, but hints of silver and grey remained on both their heads, also within sixteen feet was Iggy, Verdie, Grady, and half a herd of mammoths.

"Great, it's wonder boy." Dex huffed. Sophie shot him a glance. He turned away to fish through his pockets. "Hi Fitz." Sophie greeted as Fitz reached them. "Hey." He sighed as he glanced over his shoulder. Dex scoffed "Hi Fitz." He mimicked Sophie. He has jamming wires together. "So what's up?" Sophie asked as she turned back to Fitz. "Um-" just then the chimes rang through the halls and all crying was silenced. Sophie sighed. That's how her conversations went with anyone at school, besides Dex.

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