Chapter Three

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"What?" Linh asked Sophie, as Iggy purred in her hands. "Keefe would know more about it then me, but from what I understand, you're developing the ability to be an empath." Sophie answered.

Linh stared at Iggy in her hands... "Being an empath..." She murmured as Iggy squeaked with happiness as she rubbed his head. "But something must of triggered it...and my parents never they didn't have empath abilities."

"It's the only explanation I can come up with...I can check with Mr. Forkle." Sophie said as she found herself braiding small braids into her brown hair.
"You wouldn't mind?" Linh asked. Sophie shook her head. "No, I usually check up with him weekly for updates, anyways. It's no problem." Sophie promised as she started another braid on a thick lock of hair. Linh smiled "Thank you."

"If you need anything else, just hail me, I'll see what I can do." Sophie promised as Linh set Iggy aside. "I will." Linh said holding up the home crystal Mr. Forkle had given the twins which led to a house somewhere in Eternalia. Casting a goodbye smile Linh flashed away. Sophie started on another braid, as Iggy started hunting one of her old boots. He had chewed up the pair when she had accidentally threw him off her covers at night. Now the pair of chewed up shoes was his never ending entertainment.


"Ouch." Dex winced, as Sophie stepped on his toe. "Sorry." She apologized, with her hand on his shoulder and his on her waist, and their two other hands clasped, it was awkward to say the least. The music sounded something between a violin and harp, as it played a melody. Restarting, Dex and Sophie resumed dancing. "So did you and Keefe ever dance?" Dex asked as she managed a twirl without tripping over her own feet. "No, Lady Belva..." Sophie tilted her head to their chaperone, who was glaring at a pair of dancers. "Had a crush on him, and wouldn't let anyone else dance with him."

"Seriously?" Dex asked incredulously. "Well he said it was a crush, knowing him he was probably flattering himself, but I'll be honest..." Sophie fell silent as Lady Belva's eyes fell on her and Dex. Then they went to another pair who tripped over each other. "It did look like she had a crush on him." Sophie finished. Dex snickered. "Who'd you dance with?" Sophie fell silent as she and Dex twirled past Valin and a girl who was trying to do a different dance altogether. Clearing her throat embarrassedly, Dex glance around the room before whispering. "Is he here?" Eyeing every elf in the room, she said just enough for him to hear. "Valin." Jerking his head around to see her red face Dex laughed.

"No way-"

"Sshh." Sophie shushed him as Lady Belva returned to her stool, in which she stood on, looking over the detention dancing. Dex sealed his lips as his face reddened, trying to keep from laughing, as they passed in front of the stool. Lady Belva -like most elves- was beautiful, with thick, corkscrew, fiery, red, hair. Her eyes were sharp and bore into every pair of dancers like glass, with clear skin and defined facial structure.

"Well she is only twenty." Dex shrugged. Sophie stumbled. Twenty? "What?" Sophie hissed as she twirled. Dex pulled her back to close quarters. "Right..twenty is a big number for humans." He sighed. "Elves have an indefinite life span, and well we don't really consider age, when we choose life partners, because we stop aging right about twenty nine or so. So age doesn't really matter to us." Dex shrugged. Just then the chimes rang, as Lady Belva stopped the music. As Sophie gathered her bag, she felt dizzy thinking about the life span of elves.

Linking hers and Dex's arm as he sighed "last day of detention!" Sophie walked to their lockers. "So, how's cognate training?" He asked as they passed a group of boys who were walking by. Sophie caught the eye of one, a dark haired elf. He was a head or so taller then herself and a level five. With indigo eyes that looked more purple then blue. As his friends laughed loudly, and jostled each other he seemed to have a more gentle kindness about him. Sophie blinked...had she just seen that right? Did he just wink at her? As the group passed her and Dex, she glanced over her shoulder to see the boy doing the same sending her a mischievous smile. That was almost flirty.

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