Chapter Eighteen

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Dedicated to chayatheawesome, just cause.

"Are you sure about this?" Dex asked Sophie, at midnight, that night. He was rubbing his finger over Sophie's registry pendant.

"Yes." No. Sophie's mind, body and every other sense told her, something was incredibly wrong. Something was not right. It made her tense and on edge, but she needed to go. She was the Moonlark, whether she liked it or not, she had no choice but to go.

Sandor was checking his star darts, and every other hidden weapon he had, along with his curved saber at his side. His face stoic, but he took the gadget from Dex that would hide Sophie and himself. "You've each got half an hour, but the moment you arrive." Dex said, though he looked dizzy and beads of sweat clung to his forehead.

"But to be safe, try leaving five minutes before." He said. "Thank you Dex." Sophie said as she swung her black cloak over her shoulders. She had decided to wear the red dress with black pants, a long sleeve shirt and gloves to be sure she didn't leave any finger prints behind. The red though was for the bravery it gave her, the small boost of confidence, she always found herself with when she wore red.
" careful, okay?" Dex said.

Sophie had promised everyone she and Sandor would talk everything out with everyone, tomorrow, because she needed to sleep. But she did give Sandor and Dex a different telepathic story. Keefe had looked suspicious of her, and only left when Sandor threatened to feed him to Verdie.

"Okay." Sophie grinned, as she checked the coil of rope at her side. Sandor had her practice with it, using it like a whip, until Sophie managed to rangle
Dex, who had been used as her target. Sandor had looked immensely interested in the weakness of Ruy's shield, when Sophie told him, and he made sure she had a small knife hidden in her boot.
Dex bit his lip, as if he too, felt that something was wrong. "I'll be fine Dex. I promise, I'll come back." Sophie said as she placed her hands on Dex's shoulders. "Alright." Dex said his head hanging. Sophie gave him a quick hug. "Alright Sandor. Ready?" She asked. "You remember the rules?" Sandor asked. "Stay by your side at all times, and leap home if there is any danger, and no running off." Sophie repeated like a student.

Like she would ever leave Sandor behind, if there was danger. "Hail me when you get back home safely." Dex said. "I will." Sophie said as  she took Sandor hand. "Thanks again Dex." She said. Dex shifted uncomfortably, mumbling some kind of welcome before leaping away. Sophie and Sandor hurried outside to the cliffs. "Hang on tight." Sophie said, backing up a couple of steps she jumped, Sandor right next to her.

Silence. That was the sound that greeted Sophie as she arrived in the living room of her human home. No sound, no cars, nothing. Pure silence that made her ears ring. She gripped Sandor's hand, as she realized just what a bad idea this was. She had blocked her mind in the voice, but she wasn't sure it'd was going to work. Maybe...just the tinies- Sophie tried hard not to scream as she covered her ears, blocking her mind. Thoughts had shoved into her mind, making her head ache, and burn. Sandor looked at her. "I'm fine...just thoughts." Sophie said as she blocked her mind. But why couldn't she hear thoughts? Was this part of the triggering test?

Then one burning voice, four words, made Sophie weak in the knees. "I thought you'd come." Just as Sophie tried to spin around she caught sight of and elf grabbing onto Sandor's shoulder as he lunged towards her. The elf lifted a crystal and was gone...along with Sandor. Sophie's heart pounded as a  solid, dark and very long shape swung at her. Cracking against her head, as pain exploded, Sophie's vision went black. The sound of Brant's wheezing breath following her.

Sophie screamed, gasping awake as ice cold water poured over her. Her head...her head was beyond painful. As she stared around the space she found herself tried to a chair...a very similar chair she had been interrogated in.

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