Chapter Fourteen

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"Poisoned?!" Everyone in the living room echoed. Sophie was in misery. Everything hurt, her muscles felt weak, and it wasn't helping that she burst into coughing fitz that wracked her body every few minutes and coughing up blood.

"I'm afraid so." Elwin said. Grady and Edaline were sitting on the love seat holding tight to each other. Alden started pacing and Quintin sat down heavily in a chair. "She'll be okay though...right?" Quintin asked, looking pale. Elwin nodded. "She's going to be sick for the next few days though."

Alden, Quintin and Fitz had leaped Sophie home the moment they paid for their meal and hailed Elwin, Grady and Edaline immediately. Sophie could hear and see everything going on, she just couldn't think beyond the pain. "Where was Sandor in all of this? He should of smelled the poison." Elwin said as he dug in the black bag. "Sophie sent him home. His sister was having a baby, and Sophie demanded he go home for a few days." Edaline said.

"Hhmm...well Sophie is going to be in a lot of pain...unless she wants to take a sedative." Elwin said, the room stilled and all eyes turned to Sophie. "N-no." Sophie managed to say through her swelled tongue and burning pain. "I was afraid you'd say that. Sophie. You're going to be in more pain." Elwin said. Sophie was holding tight to something strong and warm as she writhed in pain. She had to gather every part of her fuzzy brain to realize she was holding someone's hand...or rather someone was holding her hand. As she wrapped her fingers around the other hand she felt a calmness sink in through the pain, managing to get past the flaming agony. It reached out and wrapped around Sophie's heart. Sophie clung to that thread, she'd be okay as long as she could grab it.

Sophie remembered saying something but she wasn't sure what. Elwin nodded as if convinced, and reached in his bag and handed to bottle to Grady and Edaline, as if he were directed to. They looked torn between Sophie and the sedatives. Before uncorking the bottles and shooting the sedatives back, they stood up and left the room.

Alden glanced at the person who was holding Sophie's hand. His mouth moved as if to say something but stopped. He lifted his pathfinder. Quintin wished Sophie something and left with Alden. Sophie watched as Elwin, uncorked four different bottles, and snapped a light around them before digging in his bag again, and pulling out a bag...that looked a lot like a barf bag.

"Drink this Sophie." Elwin said holding one bottle to her lips. She couldn't taste the fuzzy liquid, Elwin helped her drink the last three. Sophie felt the tingling in her toes. Like white hot needles poking in and out. Soon those needles started moving up her body, growing to pokers. As it reached her stomach it felt as if a burning hammer slammed into her stomach. She jerked and rolled over, where Elwin waited with the barf bag, she saw the red dripping from her mouth, she felt as if her nostrils and throat were burned. The hammer slammed into her again, and again, and again. Causing her to cough up poison. It was like a blacksmith was wielding the hammer trying to shape a sword. Forging it, burning it till it was nearly liquid then beating and battering it to his liking.

Striking, whacking, thumping, pounding, crushing, clubbing, flailing, and pulverizing Sophie's already weak body.

It crushed Sophie's chest, she couldn't breath and she suddenly felt as if she were drowning. Suddenly a pressure came from her hand, almost blindly she reached for that thread she felt earlier, and there it waited. Sophie clawed at the thread, until she was in a tangled mess of calmness. She could feel the pain, but she felt as if she couple breath easier. She could feel the thread, cocooning around her, like a blanket being wrapped tightly around her through a thunderstorm. It made her calm down as she let the hammer crush her. It felt like her rib cage was being broken to shards and then being placed back together.

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