Chapter Thirteen

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"We'll that was quite a way to spend my evening." Quintin smiled, Sophie was surprised when Fitz pullers her chair out for her. She took a seat and let herself be adopted in before Fitz took the seat beside her.

Edaline and Grady had gone home with Dex for dinner. Sophie now smelled thickly of cinnamon, dresses in a lavender tunic with a dark grey belt, and grey pants with light brown boots. Edaline had insisted on Sophie at least pulling part of her hair back. Sophie had settled on two braids on the side that met in the back. "Just a normal day." Sophie smiled, remembering the time the mammoth herd had gotten loose. Quintin chuckled, with Alden.

"You have some unique days." Quintin said. "If you ever get tired of wrestling wild Boen pigs, you always have a place at Everglen." Alden smiled. Sophie grinned. "I think I'd rather wrestle Verdie then go on another shopping trip with Biana." Beside her Fitz chuckled. "Don't tell her that." He said. "Verdie or Biana?" Alden asked with a wink. As a waiter came to take their order, Sophie found herself ordering a fruit salad..."Sides?" The waiter asked. Sophie's eyes shot to Fitz. She hadn't seen any sides were included...and what sides could she even order. "Sozin, and iroha." Fitz ordered for her. The waiter smiled. "Alright. Your food will be out shortly." She said bowing before hurrying to the back. Sophie's eyes turned to Fitz. "Sozin?" She asked.

Fitz grinned. "What? You wouldn't of liked Bigel." He said. "I can't even fold Sozin right." Sophie huffed before blushing, as she spotted Alden in the corner of her eye, watching them both with a smile. She turned away from Fitz. Clearing her throat, "Fitz and I invited you here for a reason."

"Oh right." Fitz said under his breath as he straightened up. "Well I figured that much." Quintin smiled easily. Sophie glanced at Fitz out of the corner of her eye before taking a deep calming breath. "Sophie and I started the beginning of intermediate level yesterday." Fitz said calmly. The grin that appeared on Alden's face, could have split it in half. "I'm proud of you... both." Alden grinned his eyes sparkling. Fitz grinned, as if the praise of his father was going to make him float to the ceiling.

Sophie turned away from the father son moment and look at Quintin. He had smile on his face but more controlled joy than Alden, who was heaping praise on his son...and including Sophie on second thought. Quintin and Sophie weren't listening but instead were watching each other. Seeing how the other would react. Quintin's face was almost stony, before a twitch in his muscle, changed it. The smallest of smiles on his face grew to a bigger and bigger smile on his face. "Well...this does indeed call for a celebration." He said interrupting Alden and Fitz. "We wanted advice....and if you have any kind of tips to give." Sophie said. "Talk." Quintin said immediately. Alden nodded.

"Communication and interaction. Speak what you feel and believe....even if it contradicts what this other believes. The bond you two are creating will become one of the most important bonds you will create. There will be arguments and some fighting but that only makes the bond stronger...and don't hide anything... Doing so could potentially ruin you...and your bond." Quintin said.

"At this stage things will be I suggest being brutally honest with each other. Don't try to hide anything." Alden nodded. Sophie felt herd mouth go dry. Brutally honest. She felt Fitz look at her, she'd have to come clean of everything. Her crush on him, her doubts, her fears, her beliefs, her dreams, and most of all...she'd have to come clean about her human life. Something she really didn't want to relive.

Plates of food came out and as the waiter set Sophie's fruit salad in front of her, the waiter spoke. "Okay I have to ask, do you know Melody Storm? It's just that you act so much like her." The waiter said. Sophie grinned. "I do know her." The waiter grinned back. "I knew it. You both have the same energy around you. Enjoy your meal." She said bowing, and leaving Sophie a grinning mess. From the moment Sophie met Melody she had aspired to be like her. Given that compliment left Sophie nearly glowing.

"Melody?" Fitz asked. Sophie turned back to her table. Alden had his eyebrows drawn down, Quintin was chewing thoughtfully at his food. "Oh she's a lady I met...about a month ago." Sophie shrugged as she started eating. "Brutally honest." Alden said after a moment of silence. "It can hurt each other sometimes...but it'll only make the bond stronger. You'll have to patch up with each other sometimes, but nothing to bad should happen."

The rest of the evening was spent with Quintin and Alden giving Sophie and Fitz advice.

"So, when are you two going to visit, Gwendolyn and Royce?" Alden asked over dessert. "Probably after school." Fitz said. Sophie had tried a bite of the ice cream like dessert, only to find it was far to rich too suiut her taste, the sweetness settled in her stomach, churning it. Sophie had ordered a cup of tea, to settle it, now her hands were wrapped around the cup. "Ah right...tomorrow is your telepathy session." Quintin nodded. Sophie found herself staring around the magnificent café.

Elves were formally dressed, others only slightly dressy like Sophie's group was. The chandeliers cast a romantic kind of glow around the dance floor, as two siblings laughed, the girl who was clearly older then the five or six year old boy, twirled him around, through the other dancing couples who held each other closely or simply enjoyed each others company. "Yeah, Tiergan is having us do physical trust exercises...we still don't know what though." Fitz was saying. Sophie sipped her tea, "I remember those." Alden said. "Quintin made it hard for me to trust him." Quintin laughed. "That's true."

Sophie laughed with them as they recalled memories of playing pranks on each other. Sophie finished her tea, when she noticed her taste buds were burning, and her stomach was churning itself into knots, like she was going to be sick. She glanced at Fitz. Who looked back at her, as if he himself felt her own queasy sick feeling. Them it felt like Sophie's stomach started burning. She covered Herr mouth and hurried to the nearest restroom.

This restrooms were completely different than human public bathrooms, instead of stalls, their were individual whole battle rooms. Sophie leaned over the sink and coughed. Her stomach felt as if it hurled everything she just ate out. Sophie heard the door close and hand quickly pull her hair out of her face as she coughed. Nothing came out, despite the feeling of getting sick. "Do you want me to call Elwin?" Fitz asked, as he held her hair. Sophie turned on the sink faucets and washed her mouth. It had to have been something she ate, she had felt fine just a moment ago.

Another coughing fit shook Sophie, as the burning reached her other in sides. When she pulled her hand away from her face she felt dizzy. "I think that'd be best." Sophie said staring at the blood on her hand.

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