Chapter Fifteen

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This. Is. War.

Beneath those three words was a sign. A sign Sophie had recognize from what she had eaten yesterday. The dessert.

The Neverseen were admitting to poisoning her. They could of killed her, if she hadn't found it so sweet, she could of died. The Neverseen were getting bolder and bolder every day, every moment, every second. She patted Myth's head. "Thank you." She said as she pushed the note in her pocket, as Edaline came running from the side of the house. Sophie though fast and set Iggy on top of Myth's head.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Edaline asked as she reached Sophie. Looking at Myth accusingly, "Iggy startled Myth. That's all." Sophie lied. Iggy was sniffing suspiciously at Myth's ear. Myth stood incredibly still as the tiny imp scurried to the thick scruff at Myth's neck and shoulders. Edaline breathed a sigh of relief. "Good. Are you okay? How are you feeling? Do you need anything?" She asked. "Just some water please." Sophie said, and the moment she requested it, Edaline had it in her hands, uncorking it. "This is the last one you can have." Edaline said. Sophie's mouth felt dry, but she nodded. "Okay."

"I was reading up on Myth... I think he's a cross between a Bora Wolf and Rouge Beast." Edaline said as she rubbed Myth's head. "Is that a good thing?" Sophie asked. Edaline nodded. "It seems as if Myth got the very best traits of each animal. Bora Wolves are incredibly loyal to their masters...though we as elves don't enslave any kind of beast we take care of them, and thus they think we are their masters, and Rouge Beasts are intelligent and strong, incredibly strong, fast and graceful with instincts to protect and guard it's home. Myth seems to have accepted you as his master and considers Havenfield his home...though he will follow you wherever you let him." Edaline said.

Sophie looked at the beast who looked at her with those soulful eyes, burning into Sophie's heart. She left her hand on Myth's head. She would be happy to have such a loyal beast at her side. Iggy popped up out of the fur, chewing a ringlet of fur. The fetishistic imp squeaked as if approving the state of Myth's fur. "A Bora Wolf and a Rouge Beast." Sophie wondered. Myth's ears turned towards her at the sound of her voice. "He can stay can't he?" Sophie asked Edaline. "I'm afraid we won't be able to get rid of him." Edaline said picking Iggy out of Myth's coat.

Sophie grinned at Myth, as if trying to copy her Myth pulled back the skin over his snout and tried to smile. Sophie chuckled, "I'll take Iggy with me to the garden. Just call if you need anything." Edaline said. "Okay." Sophie said, as she watched Edaline walk away. She pulled the note out of her pocket again and read.

This. Is. War.

They had poisoned her. They had gotten that close to her. She had come that close to dying. Again. She had been that close to a Neverseen member. The Neverseen had come to Havenfield. A cold wet nose was pushed into Sophie's lap and nudged her. Myth looked up at her with questioning eyes. Asking the silent question for Sophie.

What was she going to do? How could she protect Grady and Edaline? How could she even protect her friends? How could she protect herself?

"Well I guess it's true. The Moonlark was poisoned." A voice said gruffly, making Myth start to growl but Sophie clasped a hand over his muzzle. "You're with the Black Swan too?" Sophie asked as she looked at Brosh. He grumbled under his breath, "What do you mean too?" He asked, as he scratched at his beard. "Nothing." Sophie said but held the note to Brosh, as she explained how Myth protected her.
Brosh's face darkened as he handed her the note back and looked over Myth.

"He could get seriously hurt, being exposed like that." Brosh stared at Myth long and hard before nodding. "If he's going to be your protector, he'll need protecting." Before Sophie could ask what Brosh meant, he was gone. Myth glanced at Sophie wondering what had just passed between the two.
Sophie ached as she stood. "I don't know Myth." Myth stood beside her as she leaned against him for support she stumbled over to Calla's tree.

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