Chapter Five

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Atlantis was enormous, when Sophie had first visited she had only witnessed a smidge of what it really was.

She'd managed to find a chew ball for Iggy, and Biana was ahead of both Fitz and Sophie carrying so many shopping bags, Sophie wondered how her arms weren't falling off, now they were headed towards a shop where Fitz was supposed to find a suitable outfit for a evening party. As Sophie followed something caught her eye in a shop window.

Stopping she turned and found herself in front of a technopath shop, called Parts and Pieces. Without thinking she turned the knob and walked in. The shop was considerably smaller then the clothes stores she'd been in, but it was large and spacious all the same. Above the for a bell rang. "I'll be right wi- argh!" The counter shook as something under it hit it. Sophie didn't know what half of things did, but she knew Dex would. Wires, bolts, pins, cylinders the size of her thumb, cogs and gears of all sizes. "How can I help you miss?" A lady popped up from under the counter. "I'm looking for something to get my friend." She said still glancing around. "A special friend or a friend?" The lady asked. "He's my cousin, but he is my best friend." Sophie said finally looking at the elf.

With tied back orange hair, the woman had a kind smile. "What's the occasions?" She asked not even being surprised at Sophie's brown eyes. "Just a surprise." Sophie shrugged. "Hhmm... Well look around, if you have any questions ask m-"

"What is that?!" Sophie asked pointing to the strange contraption on the counter. "This? This here is Soshi, it clears pipes and drains...not something you want to give your cousin."

"Oh. Well how about that?"

"That's a bronze necklace, you can find them anywhere."

This was going to be harder than Sophie thought. "I want something that's cool but still a bit of a challenge, something he'll like."

"Like a puzzle... I think I can help you out with that. Come on in the back." The elf turned on her heel. "Oh, I'm Sophie by the way." Sophie said. "I know who you are, Miss Foster. Most everyone does." The elf held the back door open for Sophie. "You can call me Hesta." The back room was clean, and everything in it's place. "I found this thing while out searching for Gago root in the mutual territories. I've been tinkering with it ever since and I still can't figure it out. Maybe your friend can." Going to a messy desk covered in papers, that had messy writing and all kinds of tools all over it. In the middle of the chaos sat a round lump.

Hesta picked up the sphere, it was metal but dirt was caked into the small designs on it. "There is more in there, I can feel it.. I just don't have the ability to get to it." Shaking it, Hesta sighed before holding it out to Sophie. "Take it, before it drives me mad."

"You're sure?" Sophie asked. "Yes I'm sure. Just..bring your cousin I'm sometime. I'd like to meet him." Hesta said as Sophie gingerly took the sphere. "Okay. Thank you." Sophie said, surprised at how light the sphere was. Hesta sighed as she looked at the sphere before shaking her head. "It's best I get rid of it any ways." She led Sophie out of the back. "Well then, you got your surprise, anything else I can help you with?" Hesta asked. "No. But thank you though." Sophie smiled as she placed the sphere in her shopping bag, where Iggy's ball was in a small box. Hesta called out a farewell as Sophie slipped out of the shop.

That's when she realized...she was hopelessly lost.
Fitz and Biana were no where in sight. Glancing around Sophie spotted, a dress shop across the road. Hoping, Fitz and Biana were in there Sophie quickly crossed the busy road, dodging carriages. She walked into the dress shop. It was different from Threads, but in some ways the same. Looking around Sophie was startled by a glittery elf sashaying out of the back room, dancing some sort of belly dance she was humming to herself. Though off tune she twirled and yelped at the sight of Sophie before turning red.

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