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Chapter Ten

It felt like the whole world had stopped spinning as his face slowly approached to mine. I could hear his light breath, also my accelerating heartbeat. 

“Am I supposed to feel like this when I’m going to give out my first kiss?” I couldn’t help but wondered, then I observed the man in front of me in detail, everything was still in slow motion. He absolutely is what people defined as ‘hot’ and ‘cute’, but is he the one? I’ve saved my first kiss for such a long time. 

“Do I really want it to happen this way?” I asked myself. After all it’s been a long day, and everyone, or maybe just me, was kinda emotionally…fragile. Besides, I just knew him for less than twenty four hours…

 I knew I didn’t have much time, if I wanted to stop him, it was this moment. Awkwardly I faked a cough and pulled myself back to my seat, my back glued to the seat, tensioned. I peeked at him and noticed his very obvious disappointment, I heard him sighed. 

“I’m sorry. I guess I was just… out of my mind,” He shifted his sight back on me from the window view and apologized, somehow a sour feeling arouse in my head.

“It’s okay,” I forced a smile and pretended to adjust the bottom of my dress, then tossed the hair that blocked my sight behind my ear. God knows I was trying to find an appropriate way to ease the embarrassment…”Just give me some time.”

Oh my. Did I actually just say that? For the second time I peeked at him, and the relighted hope written on his face gave an answer to my question. Positive. 

“You will?” He asked, straightened his back and turned to me enthusiastically like a kid asking for candies.

“Will what?” I faked a scratch on my head and pretended like I didn’t understand the question. “When do you think they will come back?”

“Nice try changing the topic,” He laughed lightly but didn’t answer my first question, either. “I don’t know. You really don’t wanna spend some time alone with me, do you?”

“Who are you kidding? I think you’re nice and I can’t wait to get to know you a bit more, crazy head,” I smiled, looking out at the window.

“I hope I don’t get friendzoned,” He replied tauntingly, pressing the ‘play’ button on the music player.

“Oh no, not that one,” I groaned as I heard ‘My heart will go on’ by Celine Dion playing. “This one is a nice song but it’s just too…depressing, I guess. It makes me sad almost every time I listen to it. And once or twice I even started crying, listening to that song after watching Titanic.”

“No way!” He let out a jerky laugh and agreed to change the song. “Hayden was exactly like you. Matt told me Hayden cried like a little girl after listening to that song, too.”

“Well I guess all adopted kids like us are weaker…” The words slipped out of my lips.

“Oh, so you’ve heard.” The atmosphere suddenly switched to the depressing mode.

“How’s like to live in an adopted family for so long? Does he still remember his biological parents? I mean, he was so young when the tragedy happened…” I just couldn’t help but drowned in the curiosity.

“He’s just always so deep, and sleepy, of course,” We both chuckled, and he continued. “It’s like he has so many to hide from, sometimes when we have Bass Boys sleepovers he runs up to the attic and sit next to the window, stare at the moon, awake for the whole night. He’s just…unpredictable, too.”  

“Bass Boys sleepovers? Sounds fun!” It was the first time me hearing about boys having sleepovers, and that just feel weird.

“You know what? You should join us next time. I’m sure you’re welcomed by all of us.”

“But I’m not a Bass member, so that’ll be very strange if I suddenly appear there.” I uttered, noticed that it was almost a full moon. I never got to see such a clear view of the sky back in New York, I was pretty amazed.

“Who knows? Maybe someday you will.” He tried to keep his voice as low as possible, but I had good hearing. I didn’t bother asking what that meant, though, maybe we both knew the answer too well…

Awkwardness spread in the air once again and I refused to speak another word. I was desperately praying that mom and dad would come home as quick as possible, and my wish came true. Three cars drove in and parked next to us, and I saw those familiar faces with worried looks.

“Are you okay, honey?” Mom greeted me with a big hug the second I stepped out of the car. I grasped for air and hugged her back.

“Lucky Austin isn’t a serial killer,” I joked and as a result everyone laughed. “I really do need some sleep, though. I can barely see you guys now, my eyes are so sore.”

“Have a goodnight, White,” The Bass boys said in unison and waved back at me as I waved them goodbye. They all look relieved, and Hayden looked like he was about to fall asleep again. Matt rubbed his identical red nose and sniffed, I hope I didn’t see boogers reflecting on his fingers.

“Bye guys. Bye Mr. and Mrs. Bass.” Then I embraced mom and dad had his arm on my shoulder, the three of us headed home. The Bass couple led their kids back inside the house while Austin drove Cody and himself home.

“Nice boys, huh?” Dad suddenly winked at me playfully and asked, it was hard to give him any answers so I just smiled at him, probably with a heat on my face. 

“Goodnight, mom and dad. I need a shower and a collapse on my bed,” They nodded together, and dad walked into the kitchen for some milk.

I half willed half dragged myself back to my bedroom, and pulled out a tank shirt and a pair of loose pants from the messy trunk. 

“Gonna have your hands full tomorrow huh,” I talked to myself and sighed, not bothered zipping up the trunk.


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