N/A This is no ordinary Snow white fairy tale! I will also try not to make it as cliché as the title is sounded! xD

 I just hope that you can all enjoy what’s floating in my head right now, aka. The story plot! :)

P.S English is not my native language so please forgive my stupid grammar erros. Focus on the plot and stuff? Please? Thank you :)


Chapter One

The words “fairy tale” never existed in Whitney Levine’s vocabulary, at least not until she was old enough to start reading the comic books she borrowed from the middle school’s library by herself. She was about six by then already. She was in a living hell ever since the day she was born, until she was freed from her parents at the age of ten.

Unlike every other little girls in her school who dressed up like a Barbie every day in cute dresses and pretty hair bands, she was always covered in bruises all over her body, literally from head to toes. She almost wore the same clothes every day, from plain grey shirt to green sloppy military pants, sometimes an oversized yellow dress her drug addict mother picked up from the trash can when it came to special occasions like Christmas and Thanksgivings.

Once, just because she failed to wash the dishes absolutely dirt-free at the age of five, her alcoholic father had beaten her up with his thick leather belt, leaving burning scars on her skinny, bone-like legs and thighs, until she vulnerably passed out on the floor after her forehead crashed into the corner of a wooden table.

She had no friends, the other students pointed at her and said she’s a weirdo.

It took their neighbors a couple of years until they eventually spotted the abnormal scars on the white-blond-haired girl’s body. With the help of the local jury, the ten years old Whitney was soon sent to a foster family in New York, five hundred miles away from her nightmare.

So far away that she thought, hopefully, she was never going to see her real parents again.


Whitney’s P.O.V

“Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Mather,” I started sobbing uncontrollably, my tears quickly dripped on my single luggage. “For taking care of me in the past six years.”

Although I had promised my foster parents not to cry when the farewell song finally had to be played, my tears couldn’t help but pooling in my spiritual grey eyes.

“You’re welcome, sweetie,” Mrs. Mather carefully rubbed away my tears with her white dress’s long sleeve.

She’s a beautiful lady even though she’s already at her late forties. Her turning-white hair makes her face always looks pale, yet I’m sure with just a tiny bit of make-up, she’d be stunning. I’ve seen her in make-up only once, when she went to attend her husband’s business ball. I guarantee she was one of the prettiest women in the party. Plus, she’s the nicest person I’ve ever met. She was always there for me. When I was dumped by my first boyfriend, it was her to stay the night awake with me, listen to me whining over the jerk. She was the one who taught me how to make Japanese Sushi. She was the first one who read stories books to me every night before I fell asleep.

Being able to have all these memories would be the biggest gift  god has ever sent me, which made it even harder to say goodbye to her, and Mr. Mather, who’s always been there to support my decisions and taught me about humanities.

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