“Don’t tear me down, for all I need… Make my heart a better place, give me something I can believe…” In hyper I was singing, correction, more like screaming, the song All I Need by Within Temptation. Since both of my newly adopted parents had gone out for work, I turned up the music speaker to its fullest volume.

I was never a good singer, though. In fact, I’m more of the type you called tone-deaf. So I only sing when I’m alone in the house, at least even myself don’t have to endure my horrible voice as the music already covers my singing.

Pros, shouting lyrics out seems like my only way to get away with my old miserable life, not letting the memories to flush back. Cons, I never know who will jump out behind the door, or has already secretly recorded my voice down and put in on YouTube, so I’ll even be more popular than Rebecca Black.

While damaging the silent and beautiful environment, I had already finished unpacking my luggage and placed them perfectly on where they were supposed to be. The teddy bear I took from Anthony rested peacefully right next to my pillow. My clothes were tidily folded and hung up in my oversized wardrobe. 

After zipping up the empty trunk, I supported myself up with my knees and stuffed the trunk into the empty space I left in the wardrobe. Yup, it’s that big. Or let’s just say I don’t have much clothes, anyways. 

I gently patted around my lime green pants and my arms to shove away the possible ashes on me, and stretched my numb arms with a yawn. Then I gave the clock on the wall a glance, it pointed at seven thirty.  I’d been arranging my room for over nine hours nonstop, no wonder I felt soreness all over my body, and my stomach was growling for food.

“Show me the meaning of being lonely…So many words for the broken heart. It’s hard to see in a crimson love, so hard to breathe…” I started singing again as the song switched. Suddenly I was aware of the motion of the tree leafs right next to my half opened window.

“Earthquake!” My mind screamed, but then I was smart enough to realize that the ground wasn’t shaking. Immediately I stopped the song and stormed to the window. Right when I got to look down from it, I saw a hand raising up high in the air. 

I let out a horrified scream, my voice probably cracked. Then a guy’s face appeared. He was grinning innocently at me. 

“Would you like to make some space so I can climb in?” Red-nosed Matt was the intruder. I blinked at him in shock, but my legs automatically made a few steps to the left. Matt bowed, held on to the window, and the next second his upper body was inside my bedroom, his legs still stood tensely on the branches.

“Ops, I think your half opened window isn’t big enough for my mega sexy booty. Would you like to give me a hand?” He asked, still attempting to push himself through that tiny space.

Still in shock, I couldn’t understand the rest of his words other than “give” and “hand, so I extended my right arm and my hand was waving at his face. He rolled his eyes and almost yelled in disbelief. “White, help me. I’m stuck. Open the window!”

Oh, oh. It would’ve been easier for me to understand with the H word. I approached to his side and pushed the window up, he slid in easily and he was on his foot again. 

“What- What the hack are you doing here? You would’ve killed yourself if you just fell down or something!” I complained as he shoved away the remained leafs on his body. 

“Oh, what were you doing in here?” He looked up at me and gave me a cocky smirk. My face instantly brushed bright red knowing that he must’ve heard my scream-singing. “I could hear it from my living room.” To make it worse, he added.

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