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Chapter Four

Five minutes later, Hayden walked towards us slowly with his face still red like an apple. The boys all tried to muffle their laughter so hard that they literally turned to ‘vibration mode’, their bodies shaking hard.

Hayden faked a cough as I pretended to be watching TV, ignored his existence. I grabbed the remote control and switched to the movie channel, it was playing Twilight: Eclipse.

“Ultra gay!” Cody said, disgusted. “Only little girls watch it!”

“I am not little girl…” Zac muttered, thinking hard. “I’m not a little girl, am I?” He shifted his sight from the TV and landed on my face.

“No, Zac, you’re not,” I beamed at him, trying to be as patient as possible.

“But I watch Twilight! I want to become a vampire, a vegetarian like Edward, and meet the girl of my dream!” Zac’s face lightened up when his eyes were scanning through each of us carefully. “Are you guys vampires too? Can you suck my blood and turn me into a vampire too?”

“White, you must be a vampire…You’re always so pale and you’re so skinny! Bite me! Please!” Suddenly he fling himself at me, his arms rounded my waist tightly. “Please?” He looked up at me with his puppy eyes. I stared at him, unable to talk.

“Will someone just take him to the dang doctor and check his dang brain?” Austin groaned, his temper was about to explode, I guess.

Hayden came and pulled Zac’s legs and he instantly let go of me. “You know what? I’ll just take this kid home before he gets beaten up by Austin. Be good here and I ‘ll be back in a minute.” He said, grabbing Zac’s palm and started dragging him.

“Okay,” Zac pouted disappointedly. “You can bite me next time, White.” He waved at each of us with his free hand.

“I’ll come with you guys so Zac will not be alone!” Joel hurried up from the floor and followed Hayden and Zac.

“What did I do wrong?” We heard Zac asked Hayden when they were at the door, leaving. “Nothing, your mom just called and she was looking for you.” Hayden said, soothing Zac’s hair gently.

“I’ll never forget what happened today,” Matt’s smirk followed by a sneeze.

“Are you okay? Are you sick or something?” I asked him, handed a box of tissues to him from the coffee table.

“Nah, I’m always like that since I was born. Maybe I’m allergic to air,” Matt joked and sniffed hard.

“You know who must not know about what happened to Hayden today?” Cody asked and smirked mischievously.

“Ally!” Matt and Tyler said in unison and winked at each other, their fists collided.

“Ally? Who’s Ally?” I raised the question in bewilderment.

“Hayden’s girlfriend,” Tyler said, shoving some popcorn to his mouth.

“Oh, he has a girlfriend?” I asked. Okay, maybe I was a little too surprised, and my tone was a little too serious.

“Whoa wait, do I smell jealousy?” Cody raised his hand in the air and smirked at me tauntingly.

“What? That was just a random question!” I protested as the guy nodded in realization, unknown heat climbed to my cheek. “You guys are crazy!”

Cody skeptically stared at me, “Oh really? So you don’t think he looks like a Greece God?”

Oh my god, how did he know what I was thinking? I gasped as I thought, “N-No. Of course not!” I grudgingly shook my head.

“You’re such a bad liar! I feel hurt because you think he’s more handsome than me.” He tossed his hair and flicked his muscle. “I forgive you though. Someday you will think I’m the best.” He smirked in confident.

I know I should’ve said something. But instead of saying any words, I started laughing so hard for no reason that my lungs almost fell out.

“Oh my god,” I forced myself to utter between fits of unfinished laughter. “You’re so funny!”

The guys stared at me with their jaw dropped, scared by my sudden loss of control.

“Well, that’s not the reaction I was expecting,” Austin sighed frustratingly, collapsed on the sofa. “I was thinking maybe a kiss on the cheek.”

“Dream on, you,” Matt mocked Austin and winked at me casually. I stuck my tongue out, finally able to steady my breath.

“So, will you go to Kinsley too?” Cody took a sip of the orange juice I made earlier, when they just came in.

“Do I have a choice? Isn’t Kingsley the only school around here?” I asked, puzzled.

“Well she’s smarter than for you to trick,” Matt elbowed Cody and turned to me. “Yup, we all go there, except Hayden. He’s in college already.”

“Mrs. Garrets said I can go to school starting from next week,” He told me when we were on our way here.

“I can give you a ride, since you don’t have your own car yet and you don’t know the directions,” Cody raised his hand and volunteered.

“No!” Austin hissed, “Because you just got your license like two months ago and it’s not safe for you to drive White! She’s too pretty you will just stare at her instead of the road. So I’ll drive!”

“But you already have Tyler and Zac in your car! It’s too crowded for White!” Cody hollered.

“You brothers stop arguing! I will drive White, okay?” Matt rolled his eyes impatiently.

“No!” Cody and Austin burst out together, glaring at each other.

“White, I think you get to pick who you want to go with on your first school day here,” Tyler suggested, I shot him a “thank you” look.

“Actually, I think I’ll just take Matt’s ride…” I smiled awkwardly.

“Fine…If you say so,” Austin snorted, Cody leaned back to the sofa and sighed.

The doorbell rang, I got up and expected Hayden returning.

“Hey dear,” No it wasn’t Hayden. It was Mr. And Mrs. Garrets. “We’re bac- Wow!” Mr. Garrets paused sharply as he saw the guys in the living room, all eyes on him and his wife…

Uh-Oh, this doesn’t look good…


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