First day of school is always so exciting. 

I woke up at six forty-five as I expected, had a refreshing cold shower, and put on a grey blouse plus a pair of navy blue denim jeans. Brushing my dripping hair gently, they scattered on my shoulders.

Soon enough, a car horned twice outside our house. I figured it was time for me to go for some adventure, so I shoved the pencil case and other school stuff into my tote bag and stepped into my Converse shoes. I locked the door and headed downstairs.

“Hey, honey. You look absolute gorgeous today,” Dad put down his newspaper and complimented, brought a smile to my face. 

“As always,” Mom walked out from the kitchen with a cup of milk in her hand, she passed it to me and winked.

“Thank you,” I beamed at them and let the warm liquid pass through my throat, then grabbed a bagel from the basket on the table. “Well I have to go now, the boys are waiting outside.” I blew them a kiss.

“Have a good day, we’ll see you tonight. Love ya!” Mom popped a squad next to dad, and had herself a piece of bacon in the plate.

“Love you too.” I said, closing the door behind me.


Tyler, Matt and Cody were waiting in the car. As soon as they saw me smiles unfolded on their good looking faces.

“Morning, White!” Cody exclaimed. “I’m happy to have you in my car, plan changed. Hayden’s driving the kids to school. It’s such a pleasure to have you sitting by my side, and yay, you’re a sophomore, just like me! We should hang out more and more, the guys are gonna be so jealous!”

“Oh, cut the crap, you. You’re bothering me,” Matt’s complaint followed by a sneeze as I buckled up. Tyler started the engine and started driving in seventy meters per hour speed.

“Sure, Cody.” I grinned. Having a company in the first day at a new school is definitely a good thing, especially after hearing the ‘lecture’ Tyler and Matt had given me last night.

“Oh and by the way, Tyler’s band show’s on Friday. You sure you don’t want to be the vocal of his band?” Matt gave me an idiotic smirk and I shot daggers into his eyes, hating. I wish he could have more sneezing time than making-fun-of-me time!

“What vocal? Am I missing something?” Even the smart ass Cody has questions to ask sometimes… 

“No,” I answered as quickly as possible before Matt could chip in and ruin my good mood of the day. Then I poked him in his waist since he was sitting right next to me. 

“Hey!” He growled, escaping my fingers.

Oh here’s an idea...

“You’re not ticklish, are you?” This time I was the one who got to smirk. I watched his face turned from playful to fear, his eyes widened.

“No. What? Ticklish? No, I’m not,” He started tripping.

Score! I yelled in my mind, and started twisting my fingers, aiming at his waist slowly with an evil face.

“Oh, please, stop!” He moaned in frustration. His body almost completely covered on Cody’s, who was way too weak to push him away. 

“Okay,” I stopped tickling him with a victorious smile on my face, satisfied. “Now I found your weakness, guess who can’t be the one to mock me anymore?”

“Whatever,” He rolled his eyes indifferently. 

It took us only fifteen minutes to reach school. After Tyler parked his car, we stepped out of it, and I was totally attracted by the school campus. Oversized swimming pool, a green garden with swings and hammocks on it, and a sky-blue colored main building.

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