“It’s been like two weeks… Didn’t you get bored already?” Anthony and I were lying down on the couches sheepishly, chewing popcorns and watching the new hit movie the Avengers. 

“Nope,” he replied absentmindedly and shushed me afterwards.

We’ve been doing pretty much the same every day, watching movies after we studied together and such, and Anthony was always the one cooking since I am a huge likely fan of domestic fire.

“Right,” I zipped up my lips and continued to focus on the movie, when suddenly the doorbell rang.

“I’ll go get it,” I slid off the couch and headed to the door. It was Austin having his back against the wall with his arms folded in front on his chest. He tilted his head when he saw me opening the door.

“Hey, Austin,” I grinned, turned my body sideway to let him enter the house.

 Instead of moving his legs, he extended his neck and glanced at the living room. He snorted when he saw Anthony supported his head with one hand over the couch to see who the visitor was. 

“Hey mate,” Out of no reason Anthony faked an Aussie accent.


Well, that was short enough…

“So…can I talk to you for a second?” Austin asked, biting his lower lip.

“One…Two.” I counted two seconds with my fingers, smiling in victor. “Well, I gave you two seconds and you didn’t say anything.”

“Yea right, that was funny,” Austin said sarcastically with the fakest smile ever. “I’m serious. I need to tell you something.”

“O…kay?” Weird enough…

“We’ll be right back in a second!” I yelled at the living room before I closed the door behind us, stepping in our front porch.

“What’s the big deal?” We sat on the hammock with our foot on the ground, enjoying the warming wind breezing on our faces. There were literally no noises when we were both not talking.

“It’s funny right? We always hang out with a bunch of people, but we never get to spend time alone,” He had his face facing the sky, suddenly he’s all so quiet, showing me a side of him I’ve never seen on him before.

He made sense though. It’s been almost a month since I first met these crazy guys, but I never got to hang with each of them alone.  But then…Why’s that a problem?

I nodded in my assent, hands awkwardly placed on my knees like a very good little girl.

“So I was wondering if you’d like to change that… Starting from me and hoping it ends with me too?”

Confusion popped out in my head. “Huh?”

“Like…Hanging out with me? Alone?” After a short and shallow sigh, he explained.

“So you’re asking me out.” Not until I blurted out loud, I found the awkwardness in my words.

“Nah, it’s more like an unofficial appointment which our mutual friends are both too busy to come, so we are forced willingly going to a place together, just the two of us.”

“That’s call a date.” 

I wish I could smash my brain into pieces, maybe by then it will be more productive.

“Fine, I think I am asking you out…” He finally admitted, playing with his fingers anxiously. “I really like you, not gonna lie.”

Though it was not the first time I hear a confession, my heartbeat was accelerating. I doubted if it was normal, or maybe I also have feelings, even just a little bit, for him?

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