I felt like a piece of meat on a cutting board, waiting to be chopped. Tyler and Austin would be the executor, and truth would be that knife.

“I think there’s something we need to talk about…” Knowing that the secret could no longer be held, I tried to take the initiative role so that at least Tyler would hear the truth from me, other than anybody else.

“Or you could say there’s something I need to know,” Confusion and embarrassment might have caused anger on Tyler, especially it’s something related to the Bass blood.

We started walking almost simultaneously; my sight pinned on the floor. I was ahead of them, there was no conversation behind me, but I heard footsteps coming from both sides of me. I wondered what the two boys were doing (and thinking)? I stopped myself before I could turn my neck, or at least I couldn’t decide which side I should turn…

I led them to the student’s lounge, there was just a few people napping and reading. I picked a comfy sofa that was enough for both three of us and we all sat down.

“Alright um- let’s just talk about it. Austin and I, we…” I started with an awkward and hardly noticeable smile. I have to admit that it was surprisingly hard searching for the right words in my limited imaginative vocabulary list.

“I’m just gonna admit that I liked her, and she liked me too, or at least I thought so, and then we-”

“And then we kissed.” I abruptly said it before Austin got the chance to. Like I said I thought it would be better if Tyler heard it from me.

There was a moment I thought Tyler was muted, when he opened and closed his lips repetitively but no words came out of them. Or maybe I suddenly became deaf.

“And how long was it ago?” Well apparently he could still talk.

“I don’t remember exactly but maybe a day or two before you told me you like me…” And then I remembered that Austin didn’t know about Tyler’s confession.

“Is that why you cancelled the date with me, on that Friday?” Oh poor Austin…

“Date? You were going to have a date with Austin?” Oh god like this is not disastrous enough…

I took a deep breath and desperately closed my eyes. “Yes on both question.”

“Oh wow,” Austin let out a cold hiss. “So what were you going to tell me, if you didn’t cancel it?”

If God really existed, please send someone to come and help me… How was I supposed to answer this? Tyler was sitting right next to me and even though we were not touching each other I could feel the tensions in his body already…

But right at that moment I didn’t want to lie to any of them anymore…After all it’s me who created this mess, everything would be fine if, if… If I never came here?

“I was going to tell you yes, I would want to go out with you.” No more hiding, well, I was determined to tell them how I really felt. I saw Tyler’s lips opened again. Well I guess he was going to ask “What about me then?” But I didn’t give him that chance, or for Austin to say something. “It’s true that I kissed Austin and I liked it. But then the ball hit on Tyler and I don’t know why I just felt really bad about it and I don’t know why those words just came out of my mouth… I don’t know, I just have feelings for both of you. I’m really sorry… You can hate on me and I know I messed up, just don’t fight with each other, please?”

So this is how you feel when the secret and the truth finally come out of your heart… Rather than worry about what would they think about me, I actually felt relieved. I hadn’t realized till now that even though I picked Tyler over Austin, the pressure of choosing between them was still there, until now.

“You know what, Austin? She’s actually right. We shouldn’t fight with each other over some girl…” Tyler said under his teeth calmly, his words were like daggers throwing into my heart. “Some girl…” I repeated in my head. I was just a “some girl”.

“Yea, let’s go. I have basketball practice soon,” Austin replied then they bounced from the sofa, completely neglected my existence.

Even though tears blurred my eyes, I picked out my phone and texted Nikki, asking her to come find me in the lounge. Then I buried my face under that cushion…

“It’s the middle of the semester, why do you suddenly wanna travel back to New York?” Mom asked me curiously after I told her my idea of going back to New York for maybe a month or so with Anthony.

“Because…” Recently lies had became my good friends, even though I’m not pleased with it. “Anthony’s birthday is coming soon and he wants me to help him prepare the birthday party…”

“Oh, these days even boys have big birthday party? But what about school? You’re not going to attend school for a whole month?”

“Actually Anthony’s parents agreed to let him home schooled, so I can actually study with him and his home school teacher for that month…” Thank God for sending me Anthony (and his home school teacher).

“Well since you have everything planned, I guess you can go for like a month… I bet papa and I, as well as the Bass boys are going to miss you very much…” She added some salt into the soup that she was cooking, and well, she just spoiled some salt on my unhealed scar as well…

It’s been exactly seventy-eight hours and thirty-five minutes since the lounge confession. Whenever Austin and Tyler saw me they either turned their way back to use another pathway or just looked away, pretended like they didn’t saw me. I would try to avoid not only them, but also the other Bass as well, though I’m not sure if they knew what happened. They would texted me randomly like they used to, but I would short reply them then maybe they found me boring and stopped. They would still waved at me enthusiastically at school when they saw me but I would always pretend like I was rushing to somewhere or chatting happily with my friends so I didn’t get to spend time with or deep talk to them.

Then this amazing idea of going back to New York with Anthony came up, and after I told him what happened lately (even though he wasn’t the best person to talk to about my ‘love problems’), he agreed that it would be the best option for me, to walk away from the boys at least for a while. Nikki even told me that I should bring her with us, and that Anthony and I could be her tour guide exploring the Big Apple. I guess it’s going to be an early graduation trip then…

“I’m sure I’ll miss you guys a lot, too,” I smiled and give her a hug, “especially this tasty soup make by you, mama. Anthony booked the plane tickets already and we’ll be leaving next Tuesday!”

“Tuesday, that fast? It’s Saturday today already!” She gasped, not expecting me to go so soon. “What about the prom? Isn’t it going to be on next Friday?”

“ Well I’ll have to miss it I’m afraid…” I faked a sad face, but deep down I was excited about not needing to go to the prom. I have no partner anyways so why bother?

“That’s too bad! Your father even bought a new camera for taking pictures on your prom night! Of you and your handsome boyfriend, Tyler.”

“That’s too bad…” I sighed, “And technically he’s not my boyfriend, anymore. Um- we kind of broke up.”

“Aw honey I’m so sorry…” She hugged me back and didn’t ask for more information. Unlike some parents who can’t stop asking about their daughters’ love affair, mom is the kind who doesn’t force you to talk about it. She believed that if you want to talk about it, you will automatically.

“It’s fine,” I patted her back as a sign to thank her for everything she’s done for me. “I’ma go up and start packing things, can’t wait for tonight’s dinner!” Then I darted upstairs.



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