“What?” My eyeballs nearly popped out, shocked by Stephanie’s ‘declaration’.

Instead of whispering or giggling in a taunting way, literally all of the students stared at me like I was an identical Alien. I bet they were as confused as I was, especially the girls who were sitting on the same circle with the weird principal’s daughter.

Not the Bass boys I was worried about, I turned to Nikki’s direction, obvious anger was written all over her apple-colored face. I tried to fake a smile but all she returned was a cold, despised smirk.

“No,” I mouthed in exaggeration, shaking my head desperately. Clear enough I didn’t want to lose her as a friend, but if I was Nikki I’d felt betrayed.

And trust me. Nobody likes to feel in that way.

“I thought I told you to not mess with her?” Matt scowled, sounded like he was in deep trouble.

“I didn’t mess with her. To be exact, I didn’t even do anything!” This is just so ridiculous.

Before Matt could add anything to express his discontent, my ‘new BFF’ patted the microphone, causing intolerable sharp noises to regain attention.

“Why are you stunned? Doesn’t my new homie deserve some applause?” It was more like a command than a question. Everyone, included the Bass Boys, started clapping their hands in the slowest motion ever, unfocused.

“Good job everyone, I’m sure Whitney feels welcomed in this very big and warm family,” She pasted a giggle, and continued. “Now I’m going to invite my new BFF, to join us in this special table.” She shifted her sight from the public and stopped on my face, her eyes piercing right at mine.

If there was anything I could do, or re-do, to escape this fate, I’d do it, I swear, even if it meant immediate execution.

“May be you should go. After all it’s not such a big fuss, sitting at the same table with them,” Tyler the shy boy uttered convincingly, his finger stirring his cup of iced lemonade with a spoon.

I glanced at the rest of the table, the boys, except Matt, shook their heads in approval.

‘Yeah, why am I making such a big fuss about it? It’s just one lunch, won’t kill, right?’ As I thought, I peeked at Nikki, and she… She had her back facing me, I guess this means she was really upset, and she didn’t want to be friends with me anymore…

But I can deal with her later. She seemed nice and easy to forgive. Besides, I didn’t do anything wrong.

Sighing, I lifted my tray and shakily walked towards the ‘it’ table, where the popular sat.

“Good luck,” I heard Cody whispering behind me.


The rest of the crowd started to lose their curiosity on me and turned back to their meal.

“Hey, chick,” As I walked through the desks, a guy winked nastily at me.

I believed that he was a jock. Exhibit A, he was sitting at the jocks-only table. Exhibit B, he was wearing that kind of white, red and blue thick and sporty jacket with a big ‘23’ written on the back of it. “Wanna go out with me tonight?”

I decided to ignore his ego, and popped a squad on the only empty seat remained. “Stop messing with my girl, Ian,” Stephanie shot him a murdering look and turned to me, blinking weirdly fast at me. Weird, as in two blinks in one second that kind of weird. “I hope he isn’t bothering you, Ian’s such a pest.”

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