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“So what the hack are you doing here, during the middle of a school semester?” Wandering around the Lufkin mall, I licked my fabulous mint chocolate ice cream and asked Anthony. 

“Oh I forgot to tell you…Guess what?” He took a big spoon of his strawberry milkshake. He was the first and only guy I knew who liked strawberries, or any kind of berries.

“You got suspended?” I smirked playfully until his face got all serious and shameful.

“Oh no, you didn’t!” I exclaimed, almost dropping my cup of ice cream. “You were such a wonderful student…Like the only time you messed with the teacher was throwing a pack of candies at Mr. Walls when he called a student fat! How could they suspend you?”

“No I didn’t get suspended…In fact my parents finally agreed to let me be home schooled until senior…” He tried to suppress his laughter brought by the success in tricking me, but eventually failed. A giggle turned into a loud laugh and people started staring at us.

“Well you should’ve told me before! At least let me know you were coming to visit your best friend?” I punched him slightly and elbowed him when he tried to hug me with one hand. He pulled me closer but I intentionally pushed him away to show my discontent.

“Best friend?” He winked at me charmingly, but come on. I’ve known him for years and I’m not going to buy that.

But if you ask me to be honest, he’s really good looking, and his personality is unique, too. Anyone would be lucky to have him, so I don’t understand why he is still available.

He’s like, the Bass boys kind of cute and outgoing, but sometimes mysterious because he’s so good at hiding his emotions behind and you never know what he is actually thinking.

He had the perfect thin lips, tall and straight nose, and shiny black eyes that matched his black, mid-length hair. He’s one third Asian, too, since his grandmother was a Chinese, so he’s like, exotic as well.

“Duh,” I rolled my eyes. “What, do you think we’re having more, bro?” I bumped him with my shoulder, smiling.

He smiled back, but from my years of experience, a conclusion came up: It wasn’t his real smile.

“So…how long are you staying?” Smart enough I changed the topic of our conversation.

“As long as I have a place to stay? Do you think your parents will give me a garage or something to live in?” He stuck his tongue out at me, giving me that puppy eyes. His intention was pretty clear, huh?

“I will have to ask them… How did you know the Bass boys, by the way? You showed up at Tyler’s show…Did they invited you?” I’m guessing the boys stalked me on Facebook and found Anthony…

“That Austin guy sent me a message on Facebook and told me you missed me a lot. So I came here to check on you!” 

Ding, ding. Bingo?

“So did you miss me a lot?” A mischievous smile showed up on his face.

I swallowed hard, but not because of the question he raised.

“Oh god,” I murmured, pointing at our eleven direction.

Stephanie was walking towards us, her face filled with realization and despise. 

“Uh-oh. I sense the threat of death coming over,” Anthony taunted excitedly but god knows what was gonna happen… I shivered as I noticed the two suited body guards behind her. Like, seriously?

The noise from her pink five inches high heels was coming closer…

“Maybe we should just pretend like we don’t know each other,” I was about to walk away when he pulled my shirt and stopped me.

“Hello drama king and queen. Congratulations on fooling me!” I heard Stephanie’s mean voice as I turned around and saw her standing in front of us with her arms crossed in front of her chest. “What are you two love birds doing here?”

“Mind your own business. Have you convinced your friends yet that you’re not a selfish biatch who steal things from people? Or oh wait, did you steal their things to make them your friends, too?” 

That didn’t come out from me. Both Stephanie and I looked at Anthony, shocked.

“Ex-excuse me?” Stephanie tripped off, her fake and overdone makeup eyes blinked twice.

“Excuse us.” Anthony smirked and grabbed my hand, pulling me away with him to the opposite direction, leaving Stephanie and her two guards standing there like idiots.


-Unknown place, unknown’s P.O.V-

“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Tell me who’s the prettiest of all?”

It’s a place where you don’t want to be in, cold and dime. Almost depressing. You could hear a drop of water from above the ceiling.

There was only a silver mirror on the wall and a metal bed in the room, a woman with a messed up bun and long black dress was the only thing alive there.

“Mirror, mirror, answer me!” She yelled at the mirror until she suddenly started laughing crazily. Her voice was so sharp that it could almost break the glasses.

“Me…Me…I’m the prettiest of all…” She started murmuring.

“You’ve got a visitor,” a uniformed guard walked in and unlocked the door, a man with a cap followed.

“Take your time,” The guard backed out and locked the door, leaving the man and the woman alone to have some conversation.

“How’s she?” The woman asked coldly, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Dead…ly gorgeous.” He replied with fear, his hand shaking.

Then she slapped him, so hard that his nose started bleeding.

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