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Chapter Seven

With less soreness on my leg after being washed by cold water, mom and I headed back to our seats. My shorts were still wet, made me feel as uncomfortable as sitting on some dirty, after-rain mud. Luckily the red pain spot had already faded its color. At least it was less obvious now.

What’s more obvious, though, was the missing person on the table. I’d already forgiven Austin, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Austin?” I extended my neck and looked around.

“He said he had to pick up a call so he went out. No worries, we’ve already helped you to scold him, he promised he won’t do that again,” The guys all shrugged in unison, with only Cody replied. “Are you okay, White?”

“Thank you so much for the concern, guys,” I let out a thankful grin, then I saw Austin finally entered the steakhouse again, with a plastic bag on his hand.

“Whitney,” He said, popping down to his seat. I nodded to show I was paying attention, and he handed the bag to be, smiling. “Open it.”

“What?” I reluctantly received it and peeked inside, then my jaw dropped as I saw a beautiful white dress inside. I pulled it out and looked carefully, touching the silky smooth surface. Its top of the sleeves was flouncing, and it was a little bit higher than knee-length.

“I-I can’t take this.” I stuffed the bag to his arm, but he pushed it back to me within seconds. “It looks too expensive.”

“It’s my most sincere apology, White. I’m really sorry for ruining your shorts and making you feel uncomfortable,” He lowered his head like a naughty five year old kid just broke the window with a football.

“I told you I forgave you! It was just an accident!” I looked at the other guys helplessly. “Guys, please tell him I’ve forgiven him and I’m fine!”

“White, I think you should just take the gift, if you want a peaceful and quiet dinner. Austin’s grumpy and he’s a pest. He’ll just annoy you until you agree to take it, so it’s sooner or later.” Hayden tried so hard to suppress his potential laughter

“I’m not a pest!” He protested, Austin’s face was turning grey.

“Oh really?” Matt raised his eyebrow. “Then can you explain why were you rolling on the floor in the middle of the street crying and yelling at your mother until she agreed to buy you a lollipop?”

“I was seven!” Austin rolled his eyes and retorted. “Every kid did it, right?” He turned to look at me, his eyes sparkling with expectation.

But I was never a good liar, neither did I lie when unnecessary. “Actually, no, I haven’t.” I tucked out my tongue and other guys chuckled.

“I didn’t either.” Cody said, shaking his head. “Just admit it, you’re a p-e-s-t!”

“Who’s a pest?” Suddenly a stranger’s voice appeared from the corner of the table, we all turned to where it came from and saw an elegant woman and a well-dressed man next to her.

“Hey, mom!” Zac jumped up excitedly and hugged his mother on her waist, his mom smoothing his head, curling his hair.

“So you must be Whitney, huh? Just call me Tracy.” She let go of her son and turned to me, checking me out. “You are really very pretty, like the boys told me.”

“Thank you,” I smiled shyly and slightly dropped my head, she was one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and yet she was complementing me. She was wearing a blue dress with pearl necklace and a loose bun, her hair was honey blonde.