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Chapter Five

Mr. and Mrs. Garrets looked at the boys, and then shifted their sight to me, and back to the boys. I peeked over my shoulder and saw the boys were all standing quietly with their heads down.

“Give me some explanation?” Mr. Garrets broke off the silence and asked in probably his most serious tone.

“Look, Mr. Garrets, I’m sorry-“I wiggled my fingers, trying not to panic.

Oh shoot, maybe I’ve totally messed up my impression…”I didn’t mean to-“

“Let some strangers get into our house?” Mr. Garrets snapped at me bluntly as Mrs. Garrets heavily shook her head and sighed.

I nodded in my ascent and dropped my head as low as possible, ready to accept my punishment.

“You guys…” Mr. Garrets walked pass me and stopped in front of the guys, scanning each of their faces. I could see his fist tightened, my heart sank.

Maybe it was the last time I’d get to see or talk to the boys, the first few friends I just made here…

Suddenly all of them burst out laughter. I was merely standing there, shocked by the sudden outburst of noise. My jaw dropped as I saw even Mrs. Garrets walked up to the boys and hugged them one by one.

“Oh, man, you should’ve seen Whitney’s face!” Mr. Garret’s face was bright red like he’d just been chocked. He swiped off his tears with his bare hand and finally calmed himself down.

The other boys were shooting high-fives at each other with one hand, another hand soothing their belly I was surprised that they didn’t start rolling on the floor or laugh to death…

Realization came to my mind, telling me that I was totally pranked…

“So-“I stuttered, my eyes narrowed into a straight line. “You guys set this up? From the beginning?”

“Yes, just trying to give you a memorable welcoming…” Mr. Garrets smirked proudly.

“Oh my god…” My tears started rushing out of my eyes and I sobbed, letting the tears dropped on the floor and my bare foot. “I can’t believe that you guys played me like that…” I scowled in anger.

They all stopped laughing instantly and rounded me in a circle, looking anxious in regrets. Mrs. Garrets placed her arm on my shoulder but I escaped from it, turning to the other side where I was facing Matt and Tyler.

“Yeah, you guys succeeded, you happy now? Why did you all stopped laughing?” I yelled frantically, I bet I looked like a maniac.

“I’m sorry, we- we are sorry,” Austin said, trying to reach my shoulder but I took a step back so his hand landed on nothing but air.

“Whitney, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to make you cry, although it was my idea to have a joke like that…”Mr. Garrets’s voice was shaking…

This time it was my turn to let out an ecstatic laugh, my body shaking intensively as I wiped the tears off my face. “You guys should’ve seen your face! Pranked!”

For a second, they all stunned, trying to process my words. “Huh? So you were just…Joking?” Cody said and scratched his hair.

“Yes, Doctor. Bass,” I gave everyone a satisfied look and grinned, “I deserve winning the Oscar, don’t I?”

They all sighed in relief as I chuckled.

“Please don’t scare us like that next time!” Austin pouted. “And dang, you’re a good actress!”

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