I absent-mindly pressed the switch button on the remote over and over again, lying on my stomach on the couch, until Nikki grabbed the remote rudely and switched the programme (for the last time) to Amazing Movies Channel.

"Oh hey, look!" She abruptly scremed and popped up excitedly from the chair, pointing at the screen with her shiny eyes. "This movie is so you-situation!"

"What the hack are you talking about?" I threw her a indifferent look and picked up a Pop! magazine from the coffee table, randomly flicking through it.

"Hello? The guys?" She said in a 'duh' tone.

"Guys? I already have too many guy problems in my head right now, I couldn't care less about a stupid movie..."

"I remember this movie! Tyler Posey and Austin Butler! They have both fallen in love with the same girl!"

Now that is just ridicously..."Does she happens to be named Whitney, nicknamed White, too?" I asked her sarcastically with the same old 'I don't care look."

Oh wait, it might be a sign from God. Maybe he ( if he does exist) is wanting to tell me what to do? Who will I be ending up with? It's like the movie is a completed prophecy! So maybe I'm just a little tiny bit interested?

"Unfortunately, nope. But just in case you wanted to know," She stopped dramatically, smirked with a wink and continued, "Both of them couldn't get the girl. She ended up with someone else..."

Oh god, if it was your prophecy, you've gotta be freaking kidding me!


Spring break was just two weeks away, so was the Spring Prom. I could hear students being all enthusiatic and sophisicated to the events, guys betting on each selfs to get their prom dates, girls discussing where should they shop for their almost once-in-a-life-time dress.

"Now that you have Tyler, I think I'm going to the Prom all by myself, lonely and sad..." Nikki had her arm wrappd in my elbow, making the fakest sad look I've ever seen.

"Yea right," I rolled my eyes, clinched my teeth and patted her cheek playfully,  "So you're accusing me of being a friend ditcher?"

"Oh your royal highness majestry, you have completely misunderstood your maid," She said in accurate A+ British accent.

"Where did you learn that from?" No doubt I was surprised by it. I always wish I could talk like British or French or Italian...

"My ex babysitter was a british redhead woman, she taught me all that..." She bowed proudly, but when she got her back straight, her eyes widened in disbelief, staring at my back's direction. "What the h-?"

Curiously I turned my shoulder and followed her sight, my mouth then instantly dropped almost to the ground and anger, somehow, accelerated my heartbeat.

Standing by the popular's locker was Stephanie, her arms rounded some dude's neck, french-kissing.

Not just some random dude. Tall with remarkable curly dirty blonde hair...Who else could it be?

I felt my body shaking. Nikki's hand was pulling me back, she was asking me to 'chill out'. I considered myself very calmed already though, since I did not pick up a knife from the school's kitchen or simply jsut throw my boots to this shameless and heartless guy.

"How could he do this to me?" I muttered under my teeth, trying to deep breath. One, two, three times, not working. I do not have anger problems, but right at the moment I felt like I was going to explode.

"Austin Bass!" I squeezed out every bit of air in my lung and screamed with all my strength, all the students in the hallway stopped whatever they were doing and turned to look at me.

Included Austin and the owner of the lips he'd been sucking with...

For a second I swore I saw shock in his eyes, but it didn't stop me from marching to him and let my palm landed heavily on his right face.

Even myself gasped in disbelief.

"I- I'm sorry," I apologized shamefully. The slap had obviously woke me up from uncontrolled anger.

For all these years, I've tried so hard to become a good girl, not to swear, not to establish feelings with just some random guys, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs. I so couldn't believe what I just did...Slapping somebody in public? That was just not me, but epic.

Epicly bi*chy, and trust me, drama is never what I ever wanted.

Everyone's eyes were on us and the evil Stephanie just smirked at me and walked away.

"I'm sorry for doing that to you. I just couldn't believe myself for doing that and I totally didn't mean it-"

"Mean what? The slap? Or the kiss?" He blurted out bluntly, the last word hurting me like being stabbed by the knife from the school's kitchen. "Why do you care anyways? You kissed another boy, so why couldn't I?" He leaned closer so everyone wouldn't hear the conversation. Indeed, now that Stephanie's gone, they'd turned back to their own circles and restarted whatever they were doing again before the whole I-slapped-you drama.

But maybe except two people. The first one was Nikki, and the voice that came out from the second person made my heart frozed.

"What kiss?" 

I looked behind, and Tyler was just two steps away from us.


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