So this is it, this is the finale.

I could hardly breathe; the lack of air in my lungs is making my throat itchy in some kind of way.

What have I done to deserve this torture? I know what’s ahead of me, and I can’t believe that she is doing this to me.

I closed my eyes desperately, not hoping someone to save me, but death to pick me up and end all this pain.

“Whitney!” A familiar voice burst out, but it couldn’t be…him.

The last word I heard before I passed out.



“Goodbye, have a nice trip and see you soon, hun!” Mom kissed me goodbye as she helped me pull my truck into the check-in counter.

“Sure, take good care of yourself and we’ll spend some more time together after I get back, okay?” I hugged her slightly and then blew dad a kiss, then I handed in the passport to the officer.

“Be safe!” After I pulled all my stuff together I got on the plane, and yet I still heard mom screaming behind me.

I felt lucky because I was not alone. Anthony was next to me, as always. I guess two is still better than one, even if we are totally just friends right now.

“So, what you wanna do after we got back? You have no place to sleep right? You could share my sister’s room.”

“Sure, and I would want to check on Mrs. and Mr. Mather too,” Oh yes, definitely missed them too much.

“Okay, after we settled down I can give you a ride,” Anthony offered. So nice of him, maybe everything would be difference if I loved him back. He is such a good kid, considerate and… Oh no, what the hack am I thinking?

I’m sick of all these annoying stuff. Just accept the truth that relationships are annoying!

And the best way to stop thinking nonsense is to get some sleep; which I planned to. Time passed quickly and right after I reopened my eyes, the familiar airport was already spotted. I also found that my head was weirdly placed on Anthony ‘s shoulder…

“Hope my saliva didn’t bother you,” I awkwardly laughed, trying to hide my embarrassment. Yes we are friends, but I’m not really sure what he is still thinking…

“It’s okay, it doesn’t smell that bad,” He joked as I poked his arm. “Alright, let’s go. Welcome back!”


“Is someone following us?” I couldn’t help but keep looking back as we walked down the dark alley. I’ve always complained that Anthony’s family lives too far away from the roads. His house is technically in the woods. But his family said it’s so nice with all the noiseless environments in New York and it’s kind of scary to walk there at nights even if you had companies.

And not to mention that his car ran out of oil and it was too late to be able to get a cab. Dang, why did we pick a plane that landed at four a.m. in the morning?

“Stop being a psycho and hurry!” He pulled my arm to lead, as he claimed that he was in need of a toilet desperately.

“Alright,” But somehow I just had the crazy feeling that something bad is going to happen…

“You know what? I feel like my body is going to explode, so I’m just gonna pee here…” He suddenly let go of my hand and rushed to the bush where I couldn’t see.

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