Chapter LVI

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"We believe you and Penemue should stay here on Earth as you Watchers. Live amongst the humans with no fear of breaking The Rule and relating with humanity on their level of understanding," Michael said. "Both of you can continue to help them, just as you have done all along."

      "So, that's it? After all I've done...after everything? You still want to reward me? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll take it, but I was expecting at least a good tongue-lashing."

      "Would you like one?" Azazel asked.

      Gadreel shook his head, producing a nervous grin. "Nah, I'm good, Brother Azazel. I remember what you were like back in the good ol' days when you would get angry. So, that means I'm free to go? I do have a gig coming up later tonight."

      Michael dipped his head in acknowledgment. "Yes, but one thing before you take off..."

      Gadreel paused. "Yeah, erm, yessir, Brother sir?"

      "You will never find the doors to Heaven closed to you, Brother. You are always welcome to come Home...when you are ready."

      "Roger that!" Gadreel said happily. He looked over at Jason. "You wanna lift, Humaserha? I can take you anywhere you want to go and it seems you and me, well, we got some work to do."

            Jason lit up like a candle. "Are we going to do that teleport thing?"

            "Only way to travel," Gadreel replied with a grin.

            "First, we go to your concert," Jason said, throwing his two fists in the air and generating a set of devil horns. "I gotta get my metal on after all of this!"

            Gadreel smiled. "Then what are we waiting for?"

            Jason turned to Louisa, Carter, Angel, and Dustyn and raised his right hand. "Bye, you guys. It's been awesome. You all know I really wanted to come with you."

            Louisa stepped forward and hugged the young man followed by Angel. Jason's smile was now ear-to-ear as the women released him.

            "It's alright," Carter replied. "We know you're a fighter, but right now, you should go and live your life to the fullest, Jason. I promise you...we promise you," the sniper said, sweeping his hand around at everyone standing next to him. "...that we'll kick Holok and Semyaza's asses so you can live that life."

            "You will see us again," Michael added with a nod of his perfect head.

            Jason produced a tear-filled smile. "Bye, guys," he said and turned toward Gadreel. "Let's go then!"

            "Later," Gadreel said, pointing at the Original Souls with his two pointer fingers and then he and Jason vanished.


            Semyaza floated in space above the sea of his sparkling human souls, watching Holok's army approach. "Destroy them all!" he barked and pointed the Staff of Ra at the aurous cloud before him.

            Like a disturbed nest of golden insects, thousands more Grigori emerged from Holok and descended on the human souls rapidly approaching their domain.

Semyaza watched the Grigori and human soul armies collide as if they were two shimmering ocean waves. Then the Watcher felt it...something familiar. Something in Heaven...his Heaven. He laughed. "...oh, foolish Brothers, you are so predictable."


            Gabriel, Dante, Danny, and now, one fully formed Verne, abruptly tumbled to the floor of Heaven's perfectly white armory. Their landing was a bit rough.

            "Grab him!" Gabriel shouted at Dante as he watched Danny go for a spear mounted to a nearby wall.

            Dante scrambled, and managed to grab Danny by an ankle. He pulled, sending the warlord smacking face-first to the marble floor.

            The Grigori grunted, moved as if he were going to rise, and then collapsed once more, lying motionless on the tile.

            Dante sat up and looked over at Gabriel in confusion. "Has anyone ever really seen what happens when a Grigori enters Heaven? I mean, did we, um, kill him?"

            Gabriel stood and assisted Verne and Dante to their feet. "I would have not believed this to be the case. Evidently, even Holok himself considered this would not be an issue. He did station troops outside of Heaven's Gate on the off chance they would be able to invade it when the door opened, after all. Technically, they are still human souls, albeit tainted..."

            "But Danny is an Original Soul. Much different." Dante took a knee next to Danny and rolled the unmoving Grigori convert over to examine him. As he did, Danny began to convulse and thrash about. "What in the world!?!!" Dante exclaimed and distanced himself from the Mongolian warlord.


            Michael, Azazel, Dustyn, and the rest of the Original Souls flashed into the Chariot's Hold startling the already alarmed celestial horses. The shimmering beasts snorted fire and stamped their flaming hooves.

            "Easy, easy," Michael said, stroking the neck of one of the creatures.

            "We are not their concern," Azazel said with his back to Michael.

            The Leader of the Archangels turned to find they were suddenly surrounded by hundreds of blank-faced, eyeless human souls.

            "We've been ambushed!" Louisa said.

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