Chapter LI

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Semyaza wrapped his fingers around Chamuel's head and stood over the kneeling Archangel. "Tell me, how goes the battle below?"

            Chamuel rolled his eyes up to view the evil being standing over him. "There is no definitive victor at the moment. However, I cannot be sure as it is very difficult for me to see with Heaven sealed."

            "Then we shall open it!" Semyaza shoved Chamuel's head away from him and turned to the human slaves occupying the stark white chamber with him. "Open the gate and then bring Gabriel to me!"

            Chamuel looked up at the Watcher with his mouth agape. "You fool! You will let Holok in here and he will destroy us all!"

            "For all of your sight, you are very short-sighted, Chamuel," Semyaza said, pointing the Staff of Ra at him. He then swept the weapon around the room. "With this staff and the power of millions upon millions of these human souls, even the mighty Holok with his shield will bow before me!"

            "Then there is no hope left for Heaven or humanity..."


            Holok paused and released the seventy-five year old human soul as he heard the first blast. Once again, another loud horn-like sound rumbled through the universe as Heaven opened its gate.

"Tell the Grigori stationed outside of Heaven to advance!"

Holok's royal guards bowed and raced from the throne room.


            "Take Heaven for Lord Holok!" the Grigori commander shouted with their sword in the air. They pointed the weapon's shimmering blade at the bright white rip in space.

            The Grigori horde streaked forward, advancing on the gate, but one-by-one they slowed, eventually coming to a stop as multitudes of brilliant human souls burst through Heaven's open gate.

            "Why have you stopped? Holok has commanded you to advance!" the commander yelled.

       The Grigori troops broke formation as more and more spirits erupted from the opening. Like luminous fire ants they engulfed their golden enemy.

       Holok's troops turned to retreat.

      "Stop cowards!" the Grigori commander screeched, however the command was uttered in vain. Within moments the Grigori forces were overrun, decimated by a wave of mindless human souls.


            Chamuel took the opportunity of Semyaza's inattention to him to grab the staff in the Watcher's hands. The seer's life force energy flowed into the rod briefly canceling out his evil brother's influence.

            Unable to free the weapon from Chamuel's grip, Semyaza angrily pulled the staff toward his chest, placing Chamuel face-to-face with him. He sneered at the Archangel. "You will die today, seer!"

           "And I do hope you will join me, brother!"


            Across Heaven, the confused Gabriel, backed into a corner and fearing for his existence, slowly lowered his angelic sword as his human assailants suddenly froze and fell to their knees. Whatever grace provided this thankful cease in activity he couldn't be sure, nevertheless the Archangel realized this might be his one and only opportunity to escape. He had to flash away to the safety of Heaven's Armory and find a weapon to stop Semyaza, especially since the Watcher obviously had control over all of the souls in Heaven. And Gabriel knew there was only one way that this was possible...Semyaza wielded the Staff of Ra.


            "Now, where are you?" Gabriel wondered, attempting to remember the location of the weapon in the massive vault. There. Skidding to a stop, he spotted it. Gliding over the shiny marbled floor, the Archangel stopped and wrapped his fingers around the glimmering weapon's handle. He could feel it's familiar holy energy rippling through his very essence. In the past, Gabriel would have never once thought of wielding the blade, and even now, although its rightful owner was no longer in Heaven, he shuddered at the thought. Nevertheless, these were desperate times...


            William lay unmoving on the ground. Danny, on the other hand, lifted from the desert sand once more brandishing his axes as the waves of Grigori soldiers filed around him in golden streams.

            "Here they come!" Carter shouted.


            Dustyn turned to find Angel wrapped in Bezaliel's arms.

The Watcher smiled as Michael and Dustyn raced toward her, but they were too late. The witch vanished with Angel as her captive.

Dustyn fell to the ground and set his forehead to the warm sand. He pounded his fists into the dirt as his rage boiled over, the demonic power within him mixing with his anger. Dustyn shuddered and then lifted his face toward Heaven and screamed. A massive surge of energy sent a cloud of dust and dirt into the air.

Michael, Jason, and the other Original Souls stepped back with hands over their faces as Dustyn stood and floated into the air, rays of light pouring from his eyes and open mouth like lighthouse beacons. White electricity ejected from the young man's outstretched fingertips and bounced around the demons below.

"What the hell!?!!" Carter asked. "Have you ever seen anything like that, Michael?"

The Archangel shook his head. "Not from a human."

"Bezaliel!" Dustyn's voice boomed through the valley...a sound so deep it shook the ground, briefly stilling the fighting below him. "I am the power of Samael!"

"You are no Samael, King David! You are but a thief of his and that bastard Cain!" the Watcher shot back and then wrapped a clawed hand around Angel's neck. "And now you will know real pain!"

"NO! Her energy is mine!" Countess Bathory exclaimed as she retrieved Gadreel's knife from the desert sand. "Release her!"

"Not today, Bathory...that is unless King David bows before me!"

"Don't do it, Dustyn! Kill this bitch!" Angel pleaded with a cough.

Dustyn angrily glided forward his fingers turned upwards, balls of white-hot electrical energy rotating above his hands. 

"Stay there! Do not come closer, demon!" Bezaliel fearfully exclaimed and raised a clawed hand in the air, energy sparking from her fingertips. The witch's eyes widened as she lowered her hand to Angel's head.

 "Stop, you fool! He is filled with demon rage! He is not thinking clearly!" Bathory shouted.

"Then the girl dies!"

"No!" The Countess screamed and flew at the Watcher with Gadreel's knife in her hand.


           Bezaliel suddenly released Angel, throwing her hands in the air in surprise as the Countess appeared behind her and buried the energy blade into the Watcher's skull. The Watcher screeched and then exploded. The burst of energy tossed Angel and the Grigori commander backwards like ethereal ragdolls.

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