Chapter XL

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Heaven's Armory


"Yes?" the Archangel said, glancing down to find the smiling face of Eve looking back at him, yet once again. She tugged at his robes.

"Whatcha doin'?"

"I am preparing an inventory of Heaven's armory for Michael when he returns." The angelic messenger smiled. "Do you want me to make you a new scene to play in?" For some odd reason, when Michael left, the little girl attached herself to Gabriel. The other Archangels attempted to keep her occupied, but none of them apparently measured up to whatever the little spirit saw in Heaven's messenger, so he just assumed the position of Eve's babysitter among his many other roles.

"Nope. I like the one you made me last time."

"Very well. Then you should probably go and play in it, alright?" Gabriel said. "I will come by later and visit."

"Oh. Well, um, did you ever find my daddy?"

Gabriel shook his head and with a grin turned around. "Alright, I get it. Fine, let's play... Semyaza!?!!"

"Maybe I should have said, our daddy?" The Watcher smashed his fist into Gabriel's surprised face, rendering him unconscious. Semyaza grimaced as he morphed into a perfect mirror image of the Archangel. He ran his fingers over Gabriel's head and shut his eyes as he copied the angel's mannerisms and voice. The Watcher put a binding spell on the messenger and teleported them both away to Eve's Heavenly reality where he would deal with the Archangel later. He had more pressing matters to attend to at the moment.

Semyaza teleported back to Heaven's Armory as Gabriel, no one the wiser. "Now, where did Michael put you?" the Watcher wondered, perusing the pristine white racks of shimmering armaments. Semyaza paused, imagining what Michael might have done with the object and closed his eyes. He walked slowly through the large room with arms outstretched, feeling, sensing. His eyes popped open as his hand brushed over a weapon's long handle. "There you are my pretty one!"


Michael and Azazel froze in their tracks, looking at each other in astonishment.

"You felt that, too, didn't you, Azazel?" Michael asked fearfully.

The Watcher nodded slowly.

"What the hay?" Gadreel exclaimed. "That's nasty!"

"What's up with ya'll?" Angel asked in concern, nearly running into Gadreel's back.

"Yeah, spill it," Carter added.

"Something is wrong in Heaven," Azazel replied. "It appears Gadreel, Michael, and I have just felt something ominous awaken up there, but I personally cannot put a finger on it."

Michael nodded. "It was like some shadow covered Heaven, a very malevolent shadow."

"What do we do?" Carter asked.

Azazel shook his head. "Nothing. There is nothing we can least not right now. We have to stop what is happening down here, first. Whatever, this is," the Watcher said, sweeping his hand around him.

"Hey, fellas? I know we all just got the heebee jeebee's, but right now we gotta keep moving if you guys want to live," Gadreel said sternly, peeking over the edge of the rocks they were using as cover. He noticed several Grigori patrols floating around searching for them. "Those dudes up there will have to step up to the plate and handle it. We got our own issues."

Michael nodded in understanding. "You are right, brother. We should keep moving."


Bezaliel frowned. "This is unexpected."

"What is?" asked the Countess.

"Something just awakened in Heaven and it is not angelic," the Watcher responded. "I do not know what it is, but whatever this presence may be, there has to be a high probability that it might wish to work with us before Michael," Bezaliel said with a grin. "It might be wise to dispatch some of your Grigori to Heaven's gate as emissaries if this is a probability."

Elizabeth pursed her golden lips in contemplation and then turned to her two Grigori bodyguards flanking the doorway. "Guards?"

"Ma'am?" they said in unison, snapping to attention.

"Do as the Watcher suggests!"

"Yes, Countess!"

"And inform Lord Holok."

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