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Pen Your Pride

Day Two: Jammie

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Day Two: Your Crush

Dear Francisco Lachowski, jokes! He's a hottie and all but no he's not what I'm going to be writing this to. So let me start over.

Dear James,

I guess the first time I met you was probably the worst day of my life ever, or at least the worst day when I was 13, do you remember it? You better remember it or else I'm going to throw a fit! I'm joking, but seriously it really was the worst day ever. I mean it's not like I was expecting to find you, Ty and Henry at Noah's place talking about Ralph magazine, for Christ's sake I was 13. What made it worse was that even after I was obviously uncomfortable hearing you guys talk about it, YOU kept going. The first thing I ever remember thinking about you was; this guy's a dickhead. I think I was right on the money when I thought that, because it's true.

Since that day every time I saw you you'd be taking it in your stride to make my day; the worst day ever. Most of the time you'd win and I'd just go on a huge rage at you, which only made you laugh even more, let's just say that I had dreams about you; dreams where I killed you and fed your balls to my dog.

But I think the worst day was the great Easter egg hunt of 2009, we were all 16. Our searching area was I think 500m in each direction from my place, and for a change we did it at night to up the stakes, prize pool was $200 for the winning person. So we'd been spending like an hour looking for these tiny eggs around the place, and let's just say I'm not exactly fond of the dark, as you should know. So you of course found it funny to hide behind the church and dress up as a ghost, and scare me. Let's just say that you weren't exactly smart when you did that, because as I recall you still have a scar on the side of your head from where I hit you with my basket, which taught you to not mess with me.

I think the most memorable thing I remember from grade 11 was when you streaked across our school oval. You rebel, streaking across an all girl's school's oval, not long after, and Ty did too. I don't know what got into your heads, but I can tell you now, that everyone was either checking you out, taking pictures, or too innocent to even look. But the thing that sucked most was the fact that all these girls in my grade were asking ME for YOUR numbers, do you remember that day? I showed up at your house, with Noah of course, and slapped you. I mean I had to endure that whole goddamn day of listening to girls talk about you and fantasize and then ask me for your numbers, how could I not get some kind of payback.

August, 2010. I just broke up with Morgan. So I went to chill at the park, clear my head. I didn't really notice you were there until you asked what was wrong, I just looked at you really weird and thought, 'Oh great, dickhead's here to annoy me again', so I told you to leave. But you didn't, you stubborn ass. I guess that was the day that I figured I kind of liked you, I don't even know how the hell that happened, I mean here I am one second thinking I'd just love to cut your throat out, and then the next I actually like you. Feelings are weird like that I guess. It was on that day that I figured, you weren't actually that bad either, I mean you actually cared enough to listen.

Then just before we started school, you saw me and Morgan talking, and he was trying to force me into stuff I really didn't want to do, if you know what I mean. I didn't notice you were there but I do remember you hitting the guy, and then Ty came over and stopped you. But I guess it wasn't really needed because when you saw that I started crying and telling you to stop, you eventually did. You still have a cut on your lip from when he hit you, but I just remember falling a little bit for you.

The New Year began, and with that the new footy season for your school. No one really suspected that anything between us changed, I mean we still argued every time we say each other, and to be honest, it was only me that had changed feelings towards the other, as for you, you were still the same old James. Then we talked after one of your games and you asked me out, I rejected you. Not because I wanted to hurt you, but because it'd completely mess up our 'friendship'. But you kept trying anyways, for like a whole month until I finally said yes; you're one hell of a persistent guy.

Our first date; it was lunch over at the lookout. We both agreed not to tell anyone about the fact we were going to try this thing out, but that was one of the best dates I've ever been on. It was low-key, just the way I love it, you didn't make much of a big deal, and that was just the best thing ever. I was sick of everyone taking me to all these restaurants and cafés, I guess you somehow knew that because you went for something completely my style. We found out a lot about each other, and for once we didn't fight, unless you count that argument about Severus Snape being a good guy or not. I won of course, but then you stole a kiss, and it was sweet and short. You had me blushing like an idiot.

We kept it a secret for all of two months, until Noah found out. I think he saw that kiss we shared after the rugby game, completely your fault. But then the betting began on how long we'd actually last, I took it as a joke, but deep down it was scary how short they expected us to last; five months, one year, three weeks, guess we proved them wrong huh Jammie?

November 2011. You gave me the promise ring exactly one month before my birthday. I mean sure we'd only been together for eleven months or so, but I don't think you cared. Because I recall you said it was the best eleven months of your life, I think you were lying though. But I guess you're a romantic guy deep down, and I'd fallen hard for you.

So now here we are huh? April 2012. One year and four months. We've broken up twice now. Once so that we could focus on studies, and the other because I thought I wasn't enough for you, because you needed more. You broke your arm the second time, after falling off your bike. I never knew about that, but Ty told me you were a wreck, drinking and driving, I took you back of course.

Since then we've moved in together, we have a little puppy, who's spoilt to death and we've got a miniature zoo living in our apartment. We've gone through a lot, odds are always against us, but hey, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right? And hells yes its right, we're a pretty strong couple I say, I mean we're still going right?

You're the perfect match for me. You know when to leave me alone when I'm angry, and when to use your charm to get me out of my mood. You had me the moment you stopped Morgan, your friend, from hurting me. You're the one I guess, and I couldn't ask for more. You're the most understanding person I've met, sweet, caring, romantic, funny. But then again you're not whipped enough to let me win everything, you still argue with me, everyone knows we argue, but we always make it up to each other. I guess I'm lucky to know you, your family is amazing, I love them like I love my own. You are family now Jammie, and you know it. You're not perfect, but then again no one is, but I love everything you have to offer. I've found you're a messy douche too, for once pick up your own damn clothes and put them in the laundry basket, it's really not that hard! Oh and next time you cook dinner, please wash up.

I love you Jammie, from now until we're both in wooden coffins and beyond

Your Cesca


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