Chapter 12 Hospital

Lisa P.O.V

The driver drove to the front door of the hospital. Ashton and I got out and the other stayed in the van.

"Hey Ash, I think we'll drop the other at the 1D's house and we'll come back for you" said Bobby

"Yeah that's fine" Ash said.

We both walked into the hospital front door and walked up to the front desk. The lady was sitting typing on the computer.

"How may I help you" she said while still looking and typing.

"My cousin hurt her wrist and she needs to see the doctor. Please and thank you" Ash said to her.

"OK. What's your names" she said while she looked up at us.

"I'm Ashton Irwin and her name is Lisa Walker" Ash said to her.

"Please take a seat and a doctor will call you" she said and then went back looking and the computer.

We walked over to the seats to wait for my name to be called.

Zayn's P.O.V ( Just thought of putting someone different)

"When are 5SOS getting here" Louis asked Liam while he is looking out of the window so see if the car or van will drive in.

"I don't know. Why do people always ask me about things like this" Liam said while walking into the kitchen to see if Niall isn't eating all the food.

"I was just asking you because you always know the answer" Louis said while following Liam.

"THEIR HERE THEIR HERE" shouted Harry, while he is running down the stairs and almost tripped at the last step.

"Yeah they are here" Louis screamed and running out the front door.

So I got up from the chair and walked outside to welcomed them all here and this will be fun I thought to myself.

Luke's P.O.V

We just dropped Ash and Lisa of at the hospital. We are on the way to One Direction house that we will be staying at for a week or two, not really sure.

"I really hope Lisa is fine" Calum said

"I say she is Cal. She is in good hands in the hospital" Michael said.

"Yeah Calum, Michael is right" I said

"Alright lads. We are here" said the driver.

The lads and I looked out the window and seen a very big house. It's a three story house.

Then the front door opened while bobby opened the door for us.

"Hey Bob shouldn't you not have stayed with Ash and Lisa" Calum said

"I'm going back there now" he said

Then the next things I know was that I was on the ground with a body on my back.

"Please, get of me" I said to whoever is on my back.

"Yeah Louis get off of him" I think Harry said.

"Sorry lad just excited to see you all again" Louis said while laughing a bit.

"Hi guys. Nice to see you all" Niall said to us and gave us all a hug.

"Where is Ashton" Zayn asked.

"At the hospital"

"What happened to him" Liam said while I wasn't finish.

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