Hanging Out With 5SOS

Calum's P.O.V

*Four weeks after 5SOS came back *

Ashton said that Lisa is hanging out with us today and I can't wait. You see I like her since four days after Ashton introduced us to her. Michael and I are at my house waiting for Ashton, Lisa and Luke to come. My sister is out with her friends and my Mam and Dad are out for the day. So I called the lads and they said yes. But Ashton was like "eeemmm I have to spend sometime with Lisa before we go back on tour with One Direction". So I was like "sure bring her a long with you". So Ashton said Okey I will. She would be have to see the other lads too. See you soon Cal. So that is why I'm happy because Lisa is coming over.


"I will get it" Michael said

"Hey Luke. Come on in" I heard Michael said.

"Hi Michael. Is Ashton here yet" Luke said.

"Nope and make sure you don't take off your trousers because Lisa is coming" said Michael.

I heard Luke laughing and then I see him coming into the games room. Where my PlayStation and other games are kept.

"Hey Cal. What's up" Luke said.

"The sky is up. No, nothing really. Just happy to spend time with you lads before we are back for work" I replied.


"I will get it still time" I shouted to Luke and Michael.

All I got was okay and yeah that's fine from the two of them.

I walked I walked out of the games room and I answered the front door.

"Hi Ash and hi Lisa come on in" I told the two of them.

"Hi Calum" Lisa said and she gave me a hug. When she gave me the hug, I couldn't keep the smile of my face. O and she smells like vanilla.

"Hi mate are Luke and Michael here" Ashton said and asked.

"Yeah they are in the game room" I said to Ashton.

"Cool. Luke, Michael Hello lads" Ashton shouted and was running to the games room

"Hey you. Is Lisa here" I heard Michael asked Ashton when me and Lisa started to walk down the hall to the games room.

We spend the whole day playing the PlayStation and watching movies in the games room. Soon my sister came home and then my Mam and Dad came home.

Lisa's P.O.V

Why did I say yes to come to Calum's house for. He keeps looking at me and I hate it. We just stayed in the games room all day. I wanted to go outside and do something but they said no. When Calum's Mam and Dad came home they asked where we staying for dinner. But luckily Ashton said no,. So here we are saying good bye to Calum and his family and Luke and Michael. I gave all of them a hug because I'm a person that hugs. Then Ashton and I started walking back home.

Sorry for the short chapters. I don't know where this story is going. There will be more chapters. But I don't think they will be long.
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