Chapter 8 Lisa's Diary

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Lisa's P.O.V

I'm sitting on a park bench or you can say that I'm sleeping here. Yes Sleeping . Let's just go back to last night to why I'm sitting or sleeping here. We were all sitting down having dinner. While it was after we finish eating.

*Last Night*

It's being four weeks since the flight in school and Mr Finn really made it very clear to never come back. but that's fine by me I hate school anyways. I think Amy and Tim wants me to go to a different school. But I hope that doesn't happen. There was a knock at the door.

"Come in" I said.

"My Mam said to me to tell you to help her cook dinner" said Ashton.

"Ok. I'm coming" I said.

" first can I talk to you Lisa" He Said

"Yeah sure, What's up?" I said.

"what do you think of Calum"

"Why" I said

"Well he is coming over for dinner" Ashton said.

"Oh cool are Michael and Luke coming too" I asked

"No Luke has some family party dinner thing going on and Michael is sick" Ash said back.

Oh poor Michael. Hope he feels better before tour starts" I said

I say he will. We have like five more weeks here. If he doesn't get better before then, then we will have probably.

"Lisa are coming down to help me" Amy shouted from downstairs.

Yeah I'm coming. Ashton was talking to me" I said back.

"Ok, comedown When your ready" she said .

"I think I should go down and help" I said to Ashton.

Yeah sure. I'm going to be in my room. see you at dinner time" He said

"Ok see you" I said back and i walked downstairs.

Ashton's P.O.V

I looked back to see if Lisa has gone downstairs ? so I can look for her diary. Harry told me about it, last week and I want to know with all he told me from the diary true and if it is. I will bring it down at dinner time to shoe after dinner to talk about with my Mam and Dad. If Lisa was and still is getting bullied, If she was still in school then I think we should talk about it and do something about it; So I walked back to her room and started looking around for the diary. Maybe it's in one of the drawers just hope not in the underwear and bras drawer. That would be awkward. I found the key in the stocks drawer and I did go though her underwear and bras drawer. It was so awkward. But still no diary. So I went to Harry's room to ask him where was the diary.

"Hey Harry" I said and knocked on his bedroom door

"Yeah Ash" he said back

"Where did you say her diary was" I asked.

"It's in a shoe box under her bed" Harry said. (I don't know if that's where Harry found it or not but I'm going to say that Lisa moved it to that place and Harry seen her put it there ok.)

"Oh thanks" I said back.

"Hey Ashton, make sure she doesn't catch you" Harry said.

"she is down stairs helping Mam with dinner" I said and started to walk back to Lisa's bedroom to find the diary and once I found it, I took it to my room.

(I'm going to skip some parts in this chapter. I hope you know what I'm talking about.)

two hours later (I know it's a long time to wait for dinner to be ready but it's a story so just go with it) I have read half of the diary. I think dinner would be ready soon and when I was reading Calum called me and told me he can't make it to dinner . I heard a knock on the door and I shouted one minute please and I hind Lisa's diary under my pillow (pillow talk).

"Come in" I said

Lisa pocked her head for be hind the door and said "Amy wants to know what time Calum is coming over for dinner.

"Oh I forgot to told Mam that he called and said he can't make it to night" I said back too.

"Ok I will tell Amy and I think dinner will be ready soon" she said before closing the door.

I took the diary out from under my pillow and started to red again. 30 minutes later I finish reading it before I heard the bell that dinner was ready. Yeah we have a bell because the house is so big some people can't hear others calling from the kitchen to tell dinner is ready and Mam finds it helpfully with the bell. Before going downstairs I was thinking if I should bring it down now or wait after dinner. After we finish eating . Yeah I think after we finish. I got up of my bed and made sure the diary was under my pillow. I just hope Lisa isn't looking for it now. I began to walk down stair and made my way to the kitchen to have dinner

"So what are we having for dinner" I asked once I was sitting down. I looked around and seen everyone was here.

"Roast chicken with a lot of vegetables" said Mam.

"Nice" I said

"Enjoy the dinner" my Dad said and he got back thank you and you too.

*After dinner*

After dinner we helped Mam put the dished away in the dishwasher and then we all sat down in the sitting room to talk about what's coming up and other things like the tour with One Direction.

"I will be back in a minute please don't go anywhere" I said to they all. Then I ran upstairs to my room and got the diary from under my pillow. I walked back down stirs and back into the sitting room and throw Lisa's diary on the coffee table.

"What the hell Aston that's my diary. Why do you have it" Shouted Lisa.

"You hid all of this from us Lisa, the bulling. We could of helped you" I said back.

Lisa's P.O.V (Yeah back to Lisa)

"Fuck you Ashton. I don't need help from anyone" I shouted back throwing a pen that I had in my hand because I was doing a crossword and man are they heard to do. Ok back to fighting with Ashton and he jumped out of the way. It was a pen he jumped out of the way too. (haha!!!!)

"Now Lisa stop that" Amy said.

"Harry please go up to your room" said Tim.

"Ok Dad" Harry said and walked out of the sitting room and up stairs.

"Now sitting down Lisa, so we can talk about this" Tim said.

"What's there to talk about. That's private and nobody was meant to read anything out of MY DIARY" I said and shouted at the end.

"Well it looks like there is something to talking about here now" Amy said.

"No there is fucking nothing to talk about. I'm out of here. Goodbye. I said running out the front door and not looking back . But I did hear my name being called.

*Back To Now*

So there you go that's why I'm sitting on a park bench and everyone is looking at me like I have two heads or something.

"What are you all looking at" I shouted at them

"LISA" I heard my name being called and I looked around and seen Calum.

"What do you want" I said to him.

"Ashton, Tim and Amy are worried about you. You have to come back to the house" He said

"Fine but I'm still made at Ashton" I said and we started to walk back home.


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