Chapter.2. Diary And Picking Up Ashton

Ashton's brother Harry (P.O.V)

I hate having a girl in the house. I miss my brother Ashton. But he is coming home tonight I can't wait for it. Now I can play with him, not Lisa. Well if I think about Lisa isn't that half bad she would play football with me, the PlayStation and we would play with Mario too.

Lisa started boxing and I would like to now why she started it.

"Hey little Harry" Lisa said with the voice I really hate.

"Hey Lisa, can I ask you something".

"Yeah anything Harry".

"Why did you start boxing for?"

"Because I want to OK, Harry. You always ask me that question" she said as she rolls her eyes and walked of.

And that's the same answer I always get. But I think there is something up with her. I have to get in to her room and look at her diary. I say she has something it that. But how can I get it because she is always at home and I think she has hidden it somewhere in her room.

I went into the sitting room and sat next to my mom. She kissed me on my cheek, I try to stop her, but it didn't work.

"Mom, what time will Ashton be home at."

"Dad is gone to the airport to pick him up."

"Yayaya, I can't wait and where is Lisa."

"She is gone too."

I thought to myself, it is my chance to go into her room before she comes back.

I got up and walked out the door, but before I could do that.

"Where are you going" Mam asked me

I turned around.

"Going to my room to put on my T-shirt with Ashton on it" I told her.

She rolled her eyes and said fine but don't go into Lisa's room. Knowing you, you will go into her room.

I run up stair and went into Lisa's room. I was looking around when I seen the dairy. But it had a lock on it. So I was looking for the key. I found the key in her stock drawer. I unlocked the lock and start reading.

Dear diary

I was bullied again today and it was the same people. Chantelle, Amber, Kim, Ellen and Sarah. I don't like them. I haven't told the teachers or Amy or Tim no one knows about it and that's why I started boxing. I hope one day I will fight them all. The five of them.

Omg Lisa is getting bullied. That would be why she is doing boxing.

I flick throw the dairy and I stopped when I seen a photo. I think it is her when she was baby. There is two other people with her, I think they are too boys. She did live in Ireland so maybe they are her friends. But she is a baby. I don't know. I think I should put the dairy back before I get cough.

Ashton (P.O.V)

Still on the airplane, can't wait to see my family. I hope Harry and Lisa haven't killed each other. But Calum told me that he loves Lisa, I don't think Lisa loves him because Lisa is in love with Niall from One Direction.

"Ashton, Ashton" Luke clicking his figures in front on my face.

"Uh, o what Luke"

"Your daydreaming Ashton, What's wrong mate".

"There is nothing wrong just can't wait to see my family" I told him.

I looked at Michael and Calum they were asleep for must of the fight. Luke wakes them up because we were lading in five minutes. I can't wait too see my family.

"Hey Calum and Michael. Did you have a nice nap" I said to the two lads that just wake up.

"Yeah I did" Michael said.

"I did put someone wouldn't stop talking in his sleep" Calum said a bit annoyed and looking at Michael.

"I wasn't talking in my sleep"

"Yes you were"

"What did I say Calum"

"Yeah I think I might dye my hair rainbow colour, Might put bit of black in my hair too" Caulm said to Michael and you can see Michael checks turning a red colour.

Luke and I laughed at him and Calum. (hahahahaha)

We were laughing so much that I didn't know that the plane has landed. I got my bags that I carried onto the plane.

When I'm walking to the beg area I get more, more, more exited to see my family. I haven't seen them in like a whole month.

Once I get my begs, it was funny because Calum couldn't get his bag off and once he did, he fell backwards and hit into an old lady. (hahahahaha)

It was so funny seeing that. Calum's face was red like a tomato. (HAHAHA)

Lisa's P.O.V

I look at the door where Ashton and his band will come in.

When Tim asked me to come with him I didn't what to come because I say that Harry that little brat. Would go to my room and look at my diary and hate people doing that.

"Not long for Ashton, Lisa" Tim said and that's when I got out of my thought.

"Yeah I know, I miss him being around at home".

"Lisa, Dad"

I looked up and seen Ashton running to us he dropped his bags.

He hug his Dad first and then me. Ashton went to get all his bags with the help of Tim and me. We walked out the airport. We put the bags in the boot of the car, the three of us got in to the car and drove of home.

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