Chapter 3 Ashton Is Back

Ashton's P.O.V

Once we got home the first thing I seen was my Mam. I miss her so much when I was away.

"Ashton baby. I miss you so much" my Mam said.

"I miss you too Mum" I said.

"Where is my little brother Harry". I asked Mam.

"I think he is upstairs putting on a top with a picture of you on it. I think" said Mam

"HARRY YOU LITTLE POO HEAD , GET OUT OF MY ROOM" Lisa shouted from upstairs.

"What's going on up there" Dad shouted up the stairs.

"Harry is in my room reading my things and I Don't like it when people go and look around my things" Lisa said down the stairs.

"Harry your brother is home so come dow...."

Mam was cut of by Harry running down the stairs screaming ASHTON ASHTON ASHTON

and running right into me and giving me a big hug. I miss Harry so much.

"I miss you around Ashton " he says.

"I miss you too" i said back

"So what have you and Lisa being doing when i was gone" I said to Harry.

"Lisa started boxing." He said.

"Oooo cool, I'm going to take nap for a bit, its that ok with you all" I said,.

"Yeah, that's fine with us" Mam said

I head up the stairs to my room. That I haven't seen in so long.

Lisa's P.O.V

Aaaaaaaaaa Harry knows now and he will tell Amy and Tim and maybe Ashton. I don't want people to know that I get bullied. I can take care of myself. I then seen Ashton walking to his room probably to take a nap or something. I think I should go and take a nap before lunch. I closed my bedroom door and hoped under my covers and fell fast to sleep.

*Hour later*

"Lisa, Lisa, Lisaaaaaaaaa" Ashton said throw the door open


"Lunch is ready" Ash said back.

"You know that I could have being naked Ashton" I said back to him.

"But your not. So I'm ok" he said back

"Yeah but what if I was Ash" I said

"You will be fine. Let's go downstairs before Mam get Harry up here" he said.

*At the dinner table*

"So Harry what have you being up to when I was gone" Ashton said to his little brother.

"Nothing really went to school came home did my homework and played with Mario" Harry said.

"Did you play the PlayStation" Ash asked.

"Yeah I did but two weeks ago Mam hind it because I was on the PlayStation a lot" he said.

To think about that Harry was always on it every time I wanted to play the PlayStation he would say play it later I'm playing it now.

"Lisa what about you what have you being doing" Ashton asked me.

"I started boxing and I do a jog every day before school" I said.

"Wow boxing that is great. Maybe when One Direction comes to Australia, you and Liam might have a boxing match against each other" he said.

"Wait One Direction are come here, I should have gotten tickets for the concert" I said.

"You don't need a ticket, 5SOS are the open acted me and the lads got V.I.P tickets for our families" Ashton said.

*Later that night*

Harry and Amy have gone to bed and that is where I'm heading now.

"Good Night" I said to the two lads.

I got two reply one saying Good night, see you tomorrow and the other one was good night and sweet dreams. O it will be sweet dreams. Dreaming about One Direction.

I walked upstairs and went to the bedroom and did what I do every night before going to bed. Then I went to my room and wrote in my diary saying what happened today and that I might get to see One Direction. I put on my pyjamas and hopped into bed and I fell asleep dreaming about One Direction.

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