Chapter 9 Telling Lisa

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Chapter 9 Telling Lisa

Sorry for a long wait for the this chapter. I should start working on this story. To try and get it finish for you all.


Lisa P.O.V

Calum and I walked back home to the house.

"Hey Calum" I asked

"Yeah Lisa" He asked back

"Can I asks you something" I said.

"Yeah sure. But you already did"

"Ha ha your so funny"

"I know I am. So what do you want to asks me"

"Who do you love" I asked

"Wait. What" He said back

"Joking. I'm messing with you. I want to know if you would like to go get some food somewhere before going back to the house and you my pay for me because I don't have my money on me. I did run out of the house last night" I said.

"Sure why not. Only if you say it's a date, then I will" He said back.

Is he saying it like a date date or a friend date or a joke date. A well let's say yes.

"Sure why not. It's a date. Now come on I'm hungry" I said back and looked over at Calum who was racing on his phone. I think I know who he is texting. Ashton.

Ashton P.O.V

After Lisa ran put last night. Dad said leave her. She can sleep out there if she wants. No I'm messing. I went out looking for her but couldn't find her. So I went back home to sleep and now it's the next morning and she is still not back. Well I think she is not because I'm still in bed. I know, I know I'm not the bast cousin. Too lazy to get out of bed. But I did text Calum last night to keep an eye out for Lisa and he text back this morning saying he only see the text now because he was sleeping. But he did say he will keep an eye out for her. So let's hope she is fine. I think I should get up out of bed. I got up and got dress and walked downstairs to the kitchen and sewn my Mam.

"Good morning Mam"

"Good morning son"

"I really hope Lisa is OK. Have you heard anything" I said and asked.

"Nope. But your Dad has taking Harry to school so he said he will keep an eye out for her on the way to the school and to his work place" She said while placing a plate of pancakes in front of me.

"OK and thanks for breakfast" I said to mam.

*Beep Beep*

I looked at my phone and seen a text from Calum.

-Calum: Hey mate I find her. Taking her out for some breakfast. Then I will take her back to your house.

-Me: Thanks man see you soon.

"Hey Mam, Calum found Lisa" I said

"Oh god that great new. You may text your Dad about it and I was thinking maybe Lisa can go on tour with you all" Mam said.

I sat there thinking. It would be best for Lisa. It could help her out. She can help us with thing on tour and then it would be cool to have Lisa on tour with us. I could call management and ask them and see what think.

"I think that's a great idea Mam. I will have to ask management about it. She could help Lou with the hair and make-up" I said.

"Yeah sure you can call them now" Mam said.

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