Family Day Out

Lisa's P.O.V

"Lisa get up we are all going out for a family out thing" Ashton said and he was knocking on the door too.

"I'm not part of this family. So go without me please" I said back to him.

"Yes you are a part of this family. You are my cousin so you are a part of this family" he said back.

"Fine, just let me get ready and I will be down" I said back to him.

"Ok, Mam made pancakes so you may want to hurry up" Ash said while walking away for my room.

I got out of bed and stretched my body. I walked slowly to the bathroom that is in my room. I went to the toilet, then took my PJ's off, then turn the shower on and then got into the shower and washed my hair and my body. When I got out I put on my clothes and shoes and make-up on.

*Downstairs in the kitchen*

Once I was downstairs and in the kitchen. I sat down at the table and Amy put a plate of pancakes in front of me. I think there is four pancakes on the plate. I'm not really sure. I just picked up my fork and started to eat and WOW they are delicious.

"So where are we going today" I asked the others.

"We are going to the zoo" shouted Harry.

"I haven't been to the zoo in ages. I can't wait to see the giraffes, they are my favourite animal" I said.

"Ok. Out the the car so we can go to the zoo" said Tim. After I finished my pancakes.

We all walked outside to the and Tim locked the house. Harry and Ashton was fighting because Ashton didn't wanted to sit in the middle and Harry didn't want to sit in the middle too. But Harry ended up sitting in the middle because Ashton was the youngest and Harry was the smallest out of the two of them.

*In The Car*

On the way to the Zoo, Ashton and Harry kept on singing really loud and it was really annoying. That I opened the car door and jumped out and there was a car coming the other way so I got hit.

Ok I'm messing. I didn't jumped out of the car. but I wanted to because of the two boys singing. I hope I didn't make you cry. I'm sorry if I did. Would you like a tissue to wipe away your tears. I hope you worry about me.

I felt the car coming to a stop, so I know that we were at the zoo.

*At The Zoo*

"Lisa let's get a selfie with the giraffes in the background" Ashton asked me.

We are now at the giraffes. They are so tall I wish I was that tall. We seen other animals. We have being here at the zoo all day, We had food and it was lovely and now we are just looking at the giraffes. Did I tell you that they are my favourite animal. Ooohh I think I just. My bad.

"Sure Ash" I said back to him.

"This picture is going up on IG" Ashton said.

The minute Ashton said that. my phone beeped saying that I got a notification. I looked at it and it was the picture of him and me with the giraffes in background. It looks lovely.

"I think it is time to go home" Amy said to us.

So we all went back to the car and Harry was in the middle again and he didn't want to be in the middle but Tim told him to sit in the middle or Tim will take his Xbox away from him for a week. but knowing Tim he wouldn't do that, but Harry was quite after Tim said that and that we what we did today.


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