My name is Lisa Walker. I'm 17 years old. My birthday is on the 4th of November. My parents died when I was 2 years old. I did live in Ireland. But I had to move to Australia because my Aunt Amy, Uncle Tim and my two cousins Ashton and Harry live there.

I usually get up at 6a.m every second day, to go for a jog, because I have to keep fit for Boxing. When I come back I get a shower then get ready for school. I really hate going to school because I always get bullied. That is more or less the reason why I started Boxing. The tough thing is that Amy, Tim, Ashton and Harry don't know, but also kind of good because if they knew they would, get involved, which would make everything worse. The main thing is that I haven't gotten in a fight yet. But there is still time for that to change. I have many hobbies other than Boxing, such as, drawing/Art. I Love drawing Cartoon Stuff the most because, what ever way I draw it, I make it into a new Character.

Now onto my Family. Ashton is 18 and will be 19 in July he is in a band called five, seconds of summer you can call them 5SOS for short (I prefer 5 SOS , but shhh don't tell him I said that). I will miss him loads, because he is going to America in three weeks. His band-mates are Calum, Luke and Michael. They are the opening act, for a boy band called One Direction, (another amazing! band) Ashton is the Drummer. I really can't wait for Ashton to come home from England, His Plane lands in Australia tonight! Can't wait to give him a massive hug. Harry is 11 and will be 12 in June. To be honest he is really annoying, but at least we have something in common. We all love singing. Unlike Ashton, I like to sing in my bedroom (In Private) I really hate singing in front of people! The only person that hears me is Amy, but I think that's all she can hear, because when I tell her to leave she doesn't! It drives me Bonkers.

More stuff about the school that I hate... I get in trouble a lot, and I mean A LOT. The problem is, if I get more lunch times. The teachers will call in Amy and Tim. It's very frustrating trying to come up with excuses about why I draw the thing I do? Someone, SAVE ME FROM THIS HELL WHOLE!

I forgot to say that they have a pet. It is a dog, his name is Mario. I'm crazy about puppies. But Calum is crazier than me.

I was thinking about this picture I have of me and two boys, I don't know them. I was a baby; I was in the youngest boys arms. Amy is the only one knows I have this picture because she was the one that gave it to me. I have always asked who they are but she doesn't know.


I hope you like it. My cousin helped me on it. comment/vote thanks if you like to. I know it is short. Sorry. 549 words

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