Chapter 6 The Fight

Lisa POV

So did I tell you that I'm getting bullied in school. By five girls that I called them cakes because of there first letters of their names. Like Chantelle is C, Amber is A, Kim is K, Ellen is E and Sarah is S. So that is how I called them cakes.

"Lisa, time to get up" Amy said when she knocked on the door two times.

You know that I said I go for a jog before going to school, will today I'm just to lazy to go for one to I slept in and now it is time to go to school. Well I think I should get up and get ready for school.

"Yeah OK I'm getting up now Amy" I said back.

'Ok Hun. Tim is making breakfast for you. Pancakes with chocolate, cream and strawberries" Amy said.

Ok I will be down soon" I said and then I heard Amy walking away from the door.

I got up and went to the bathroom did what every you do in the bathroom and I got a shower too. I put some make-up on. I really don't wear make-up. But I think today will be a to wear make-up.

I walk out of my room and walking into Ashton.

"Good morning Lisa" He said.

"Morning Ash, why are you up so early" I said

"Meeting up with the lads and Calum asked were you coming but I said nope because you have to go to school today" Ashton said.

"A man. I want to hangout with you guys again" I said.

You see I told Ashton that I like Niall from One Direction, but I like Calum. I didn't want Ashton to know that because he would go all "You are not dating one of my best friends Lisa" or Calum doesn't like you back and he will hurt you little heart Lisa"

I was brought out of my thought by Ashton saying "Lisa. HELLO LISA ERATH TO LISA"

"Sorry, what did you say Ash?" I said to him.

"I said you should go get breakfast now before you are late for school" He said.

"O Yeah, I think I should go"

I walked downstairs and Ashton walking down behind me. When I got to the kitchen Harry and Amy are sitting down and Tim is getting ready for work.

"Good-Bye all" Tim said, giving a kiss to Amy and hugging Ashton, Harry and I.

I sat down and started eating the pancakes that Tim made me and Ashton said goodbye to all of us and Amy and I a kiss on the cheek and he hugged Harry.

"Tell them all I said hello and gave them a hug from me please and thank you" I said to Ashton before he went.

"Ok I will do Lisa" he said back too me.

"Ok I'm going to drop Harry of to school a d then go to work. Are you walking or do you want a lift in" Amy asked.

"Can you give me a lift to school I don't want to walk, I think today is my lazy day today" I said to her.

"Ok Lisa come on then don't want to be late for school" Amy said and was laughing at the same time.

*At School*

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