Chapter 3

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"Hey Letty.." I walked up to her, she looked quite mad, I suppose waiting for me in our spot, and me taking as long as I did to get their aggravated her.

"Are you all right? You're really flushed and you look uncomfortable." She wasn't mad like I thought, she looked like she was about to say something to me but then rethought it.

I breathed out, "Just stressed. I'm getting a bit of anxiety." And I just talked to my crush and may have completely embarrassed myself, and he drives me crazy.

"Do you want to go home? You know we just have health left." She looked worried. She may act like she's a bitch sometimes, but it's all because she worries about me. I'm the less social twin, I'm the isolated twin, I'm the quiet twin. So, she has to protect me.

"I don't want to. But, I don't want to go class either." I had to play along with my story of being stressed. In reality, I was, but not in the way she was thinking.

"We'll just go. Come on."


My parents both owned a lot of land throughout the town where we live. They weren't home a whole lot, they had to always work on the houses or businesses they owned.

I was happy when they weren't here.

My dad wasn't a nice man. He was always angry.

My mom was nice. She loved us. But she was forced to be with my dad all the time.

Letty and I both inherited her reallt black hair. My father had brown hair, when it didn't have spots of grey. I've always been told I look exactly like my mother, she had dark blue eyes that always showed her emotions, her dark hair hit her elbows. My hair was as black as hers, Letty's was too, but she has father's green eyes.

You could always tell when my mother was upset, afraid, worried, or tired by her eyes. It was almost always worried.

She loves her son and daughter. That's all she cares for. I find myself thinking she doesn't even love my father anymore, the way he always snaps at everyone and makes his crude comments while sulking around the house. And he doesn't even drink, it's just his personality. But I seem to only remember a memory from when I was 4 years old and he was always smiling. I don't know what happened.

When I was 6 that was when I never saw him smile again. That was when I started to be quiet, that was when I started to read more than breathe, that was when I started to be uneasy around people.

Yet, Colette has always been the same. Outgoing and happy.

My mother has two sides of her, happy and outgoing, quiet and full of anxiety.

That's Letty and I.

My father is hardest on me, how I'm supposed to be the man of the family, but I'm a disgrace because I get jittery around people.

That's why I wish he'd let my mom stay home and he'd stay away forever.
Letty and I are sitting on the couch together. When we're home alone were attached by the hip, we usually are, but being home alone, we need each other's comfort. I'm currently reading Villette. She's watching a detective show. Scanning my eyes on the page, I pretend to read. My mind is wondering. I'm thinking of Colette, my parents, and Eli.

He seemed too happy talking to me. He was even more beautiful up close than from afar. I hadn't even noticed that I made eye-contact with him until I was staring into golden depths. I never look at people but I was drawn to him and his eyes.

Everything about Eli.

"Hey Colette?" I ask quietly.

She sighed, our parents are the only ones that call her Colette, she doesn't like it, but I don't like 'Letty'. We were named after our grandparents. Our amazing, wonderful grandparents. Timothy and Colette Edwards. My mother's parents.But now we're Timothy and Colette Casper.

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