Chapter 4

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Anxiety and panic rose up into my chest as I was walking towards the school parking lot.

I began to think how long I've been dreaming of this moment, where I'd be hanging out with Elijah. Where I talked to him, could see him up close and breathe him in. I couldn't even pinpoint how long this moment has been longed for.

I had told Letty I would find my own way home. She was very resistant at first, "What are you even doing, Timothy? Why aren't you just coming home?" She had asked me.

"I-I have to stay here at school, t-to work on some schoolwork that's all."

She hadn't believed me, she stood in front of me asking me questions, trying to get me to tell the truth, yet eventually she gave up. That's what sucks about having a protective twin sister, she knows you better then you know yourself, and she knew I was hiding something. But that didn't stop me, I was still here.

I didn't know where exactly I should be waiting for Eli, he told me to meet him in the parking lot, but I was just standing in front of the school entrance. I was observing how my blue and green stripped sweater was longer then most of my other ones, it went down to just above my knees, and you couldn't see the holes that were in the knees of my blue skinny jeans.

"Timothy." I turned around and saw Elijah coming out of the school, twirling his keys around his finger.

I smiled at him, and pulled my sweater sleeves down over my hands. I put my book in my backpack after health class so I didn't look like a complete nerd carrying it around.

"Are we going?" He was now standing next to me. The sun was shining behind him, he was a few inches taller than me, so from my view, he was blocking the sun, he was forgiven, for the sunlight brought even more of his beauty out. His hair was giving off an auburn shine, even if his hair was brown. His eyes seem to always change colors, transitioning from red to gold to brown, they were now brown, but the gold wasn't completely nonexistent. His skin had stayed it's same olive tan color, making me look completely pale. "You're staring at me again." He whispered, he had gotten closer to me since I was last aware of where he was standing.

I cleared my throat, "We should get going, should we not?" I asked, changing the subject from my staring at him.

"Yeah sure," he laughed. His glorious, infectious laugh.

We walked to a white Toyota car, where he unlocked it, and got into the drivers seat. I was still outside the car, my hand on the door handle, thinking if I really should get in his car.

Against my better judgement, I got in, and buckled my seatbelt, not saying anything or making sure my emotions weren't plan on my face.

Eli started his car, clearing his throat before putting his hand out towards me. "What?" I asked him.

"Can I see your phone?" He asked me, like it was obvious.

"Whatever for?" I looked at him, confused.

"The aux. I want to see what kind of music you really listen to." He smiled.

"Fine." I lifted my hips in the air to dig my phone out of my pocket, thinking this is a waste of time since it's really not anything interesting. I gave it to him, I didn't have a passcode on my phone, I didn't have anything to hide on it. He quietly laughed again, as if I could make him all the time. He was on my home screen, finding my music app. I couldn't see what else he did, or what made him smile to himself either. What I really thought was he started his car, yet we haven't moved from the parking space, and he must be wasting a lot of gas just to inspect my phone.

"Okay this one is your most played in the last few days, I think this should be good." He plugged my phone into the aux cord and set in the cup holder before turning the radio up, and putting his car in drive. A smile present on his face all while.

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