Chapter 15

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Elijah's POV

"Hey darling, are you all right?" My mother sat next to me on the couch with a dish towel in her hand.

I've always admired my mother's beauty, maybe it was just because of how observant I am which has also made me more sappy then I'd like. She had a medium length brown hair that was always in curls which I knew was from the curlers she put in her hair the night before. She had green eyes a shade lighter then my little sister's. I had gotten most of her facial features, but I didn't think I was as pretty as she.

I pulled my other earbud out, and sighed. "Yeah," I went with a simple answer. No, everything was not all right.

"Is it about Timothy?" She asked sweetly.

"Everything seems to be about him lately, huh?" I mumbled honestly.

Since my talk with Colette, I had been trying to distract myself from wondering what exactly happened with the Casper twin's father. My imagination went to crazy, which most of the time it's wrong, that's my hope.

I had even texted Timothy. Call me.

I didn't get an answer.

I knew I had made a mistake talking to Colette, because I just knew she told him about it. I almost just wanted to into my car and ride over to his house to speak with him.

"There's nothing wrong with that," mom replied. "I may not know anything about love, or I at least had least failed at it. But I know that if you care for him you shouldn't stop trying to keep him in your life."

"He was only with me for two weeks before I made a mistake," I mumbled. I really did sound like a grumpy teenager.

"You'll figure out what to do, love." She patted my leg as a comfort before calling Amelia downstairs.

She had been in her bedroom playing with a very realistic dollhouse she owned.

"Li!" Lia exclaimed when she saw me, sometimes she didn't put an effort into saying 'Eli' or 'Elijah' so she just simply called me 'Li.'

"Hey, pretty. I'm actually about to leave." I looked down at her after I stood up from the couch. Lia whined.

I couldn't take it, I'm tired of my plan to annoy the crap out of Timothy by texting him until he responded, which I don't think he's aware his reads are on.

Maybe I should take a hint. And if it was anyone else, I would.

"Okay, I'll be back later." I threw a gray zip-up hoodie on before opening the front door.

"Eli," my mom's voice rang from where she was standing in the kitchen. "Don't give up."

I smiled at her before closing the door.

I won't.


I've been sitting in the car for about 30 minutes now, tapping the wheel and looking around outside the windows in front of Timothy's house.

I haven't decided if I should drive off, or walk up the stairs.

Was this worth it? I think the thing I feared the most was Timothy rejecting me as soon as he saw me.

"Screw it," I mumbled to myself and aggressively got out of my car and slamming the door before walking up to the front door.

It was rainy and humid outside, I could almost see my breath, but being me, I was stupid enough to just wear a hoodie.

I inhaled shakily before knocking on the door. Maybe I didn't think this through, maybe there's still time to leave.

"Oh no," I looked up expecting Timothy, but was faced with his twin sister instead.

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