Chapter 7

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It's been 2 days since the day I spent with Elijah. I had was very grateful for the fact that we hung out on a Thursday and I didn't have English on Friday. I needed to think, I needed to talk to Letty about it. I couldn't decide without her, even if I've been obsessing over Eli for months, I didn't actually think he'd like me back.  When does that actually happen?

I've decided to finally tell Letty about him. All of it. I need to. I wasn't ready to be with Elijah if she didn't know.

"I need to speak with you," I was standing in the doorway of her bedroom, she was sprawled out on her bed watching a TV show on her iPad. Our parents were still gone, it's almost as if they're never home, but it's more like they aren't home at night, when I'm more compelled to talk more then usual, and then there's the fact they work nights and were at school during the day. If it was just me, and I hadn't had a twin, I don't know if I'd be able to take it, alone all the time.

"Okay." She set her iPad down, as if it was never in front of her face to begin with, and looked up at me, with full attention.

"I-I need to tell y-you something. I've been trying to for awhile, but.." I'm now standing awkwardly in the center of her room, not really making much of any eye contact.

"Timothy, calm down, okay? It's just me." She sat up on her bed, now taking the conversation seriously.

I nodded and exhaled the breath I was so aware I was holding, to keep myself from freaking out. Colette has had suspicions, she must think something about it. Even more so, the other night when I had came home, she bombarded me with a million questions and I had to try my best to keep my story about staying late at school, she must've figured I was lying, because all she did was gave up and dropped it.

"You must have thought..I've never exactly had a girlfriend. You must have had your questions where that area is concerned." I let it hang there for a second to see if she'd chime in, to get where I was coming from, yet she just nodded for me to continue. Her eyebrows were clenched in thought, in an understanding way. I felt that it was now or never, I've come this far, haven't I?

"Well, I've known for sometime that I wasn't exactly straight..maybe I've always known. I've only just realized recently that I'm not-"

"I know." She said bluntly, interrupting me.


"Timothy, I know. I know you're gay."

"Y-You know?" I was almost positive my face was showing how shocked I was. I knew she must have thought I was, but how she already knew was beyond me.

She simply nodded, "I've known for awhile. You just didn't know that I knew. It wasn't exactly hard to figure out, Timothy. I just noticed the little things you did. I was waiting for you to tell me when you were ready. You must be now, I'm more curious as to why you're just now telling me."

"I-how did you know, exactly?"

She shrugged, "I just knew. Maybe it was my twin powers you know?" She laughed at that. And I couldn't help but smile. "But why are you telling me?"

"Uh," I gulped uncomfortably, I feel more nervous to tell her about Elijah then I did about telling her I was gay. "There's a guy."

Her eyebrows disappeared into her hairline yet she was smirking. "Really? Tell me his name, perhaps?"

"Elijah. Eli." I was fumbling with my hands and mentally slapping internally. Why was I so nervous and uneasy about everything?

"..Cartwright?" She asked curiously.

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