Chapter 10

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As soon as I came home, Colette interrogated me. Most people would find it annoying, she's just protective and caring over me. I love it, at least someone in this house cares. In all honestly, I'd do the same to her.

"I was at Elijah's you knew that."

"Does he live in Denver or something? Why were you gone so long?" Where I get anxiety over the dumbest possible things, Colette rarely ever gets it. But if there's one thing she hates, it's being alone.

"No." I headed over to the couch where Letty already had a movie playing. I set my book bag in front of the couch and opened it to retrieve my book out of it. I felt Letty's presence weigh down on the couch just after, and she played the movie. But turned it down, which meant she wanted to talk. So, I didn't bother opening my book.

"Did you guys talk at all?" She asked quietly.

"Yeah we did. We understand each other now, I told him what I felt, or at least summed it up."

"'All the words you read, and you can never find words to speak.'" She often spoke this quote to me, I think she made it up actually, but it's true.

"Exactly. But it was okay. I feel assured now. It went better then could be expected." She looked at me proudly.

"Did you-" She stopped mid sentence because she looked at my neck with a blank look in her eyes, but she was smiling with her mouth open in surprise. "Timothy."

"What?" I asked, confused.

"You have hickeys on your neck. And a lot of them." She told me, pointing to multiple places where she sees them. Oh, God please no.

"That is not funny, Colette." I pray she's joking, but then I know she's not because how else would she know?

"It's not a joke, Timothy! You may have left out details about how your night went. I mean really, I'm shocked." And she looked shocked, she was utterly surprised by the fact that her brother would come home at 7 PM with several hickeys on his neck.

"No, no, no. You're joking." I put my head in my hands. "I saw the ones I gave him but-"

"You gave him? Timothy. Who are you and what have you done with my sweet innocent brother?" Although this is a complete surprise to me I feel stupid because I didn't think of the possibility I'd have them. I mean, Elijah was intensely sucking on my neck for so much longer then I was his. His were really dark, I think it was because I was bitting a lot which I find embarrassing.

"Please tell me there's not a lot, how am I supposed to cover them?"

"I can't tell you that. You have quite a bit, maybe 10, give or take? Some even larger then others. That dummy could've at least hid them I mean honestly, sloppy work." She told me, though I know she's never actually done anything like this, neither have I before tonight, so she could hardly comment on where he decides to place his hickeys. If he meant to put them there, or if he was just doing it without realizing, was so beyond me.

I purposely hoped for these. Reminds me I'm yours and you're mine.

Yeah, he meant to do it. "Letty! Tell me, can I cover them?"

She turned my head to look at my neck again, "You're actually lucky. They could've been so much darker, then I'd say no. However, with enough foundation and concealer, maybe some other precautions. You'll be fine. Just know that you're going to be wearing makeup to school all week as punishment for your behavior." She smirked.


The next day before school, Colette did good on her promise to help me cover them up. She was damn right about them too, there was a lot. Varying in all kinds of sizes too. I would say I hate Eli for this, but I simply can't hate him. I very much want to, but like he said it's a reminder. I hate to admit that I even smile when I see them.

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