Chapter 9

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After Eli removed my glasses, he set them on his night stand, never getting up so he set hand on my knee for balance. I bit my lip at that, not knowingly just because it was one of my nervous habits. I have absolutely no idea what's happening right now.

"Don't do that." Eli whispered once he was back in front of my eyes, I was now without glasses which may have been good for him, but I'm as blind as a bat. I can't see far away, I don't think it matters a whole lot in this moment, but things are still blurry.

"Do what?" I responded with as much softness in my voice as he had.

"Bite your lip. You're nervous aren't you?" He was looking up at me with those brown depths and all I could do was exactly what he told me not to do, but I nodded. Too in deep with his eyes to do much else besides.

He got closer to my face then he was before. He was officially as close as he could be, if not for a few centimeters that rests between us. "Don't be."

And like that the centimeters were nonexistent. He smashed his lips to mine, and it felt like he was waiting to do so for forever. He pulled me down closer to him, but how we were sitting was strange to me. One hand of his was behind my neck cradling it while the other was cupping my cheek. And mine could've been almost reflecting his, except I had my hands on either side of his neck. That is, until our kiss turned into a make out and the intensity and desire grew, I moved one of my hands into his hair while my other was still resting on his neck, my thumb supporting his jawline. His hands had moved down to my waist instead when the kiss got heavier. I preferred his hands around my waist this way, even if they got tangled in my sweater and he seemed to loose where my actual waist was because of the mess of my sweater, I could tell he got a bit annoyed about constantly losing my very thin waist. I started to laugh which interrupted the heated kiss, and I then saw how swollen Eli's lips were and my face heated up even more because that was  from me. "Why are you laughing?" He chuckled, flashing his smile as well.

"You keep getting your hands tangled in my sweater every two minutes." I finally stopped giggling even though I still had a bit of chuckling left. "Here I'll just take it off if it makes it any easier for you, I mean you already took my glasses off."

Which little did he know, I had a t-shirt on underneath which I very much intend on keeping on. So I lifted my sweater up over head, a bit bewildered by my own courage of committing the  act in the first place. I didn't plan on my t-shirt riding up, however.

The revelation left Eli completely baffled. I guess he didn't think I'd do something like that. I was just trying to help him out, make things easier. My grey tee stayed where it rode up, and it took me a quick second before I figured out half of my stomach was showing. I was slightly self-conscious because my skin was pale, it refuses to ever darken, unlike Colette's.

I quickly moved to pull my shirt down before Eli grab my hands before I could do so. I looked at him but he was staring at my stomach, I felt my heart skip. Only I would get myself in this situation. He wasn't staring at it as if he was horrified it was more like he was admiring it. All I can see is that I was slouching so I had rolls. Can't have it all I guess.

"I was about to complain that you had a  t-shirt on underneath..but now I can't complain." He set my hands on the bed besides me and reached out to touch my sides with his hands. My shirt was rode half way up, about the only thing not showing was my nipples, and I terribly wanted to pull my shirt down, but the look on Eli's face made that change. His warm hands were softly touching my upper hips, he was very gentle, my eyes on him and his eyes full of praise and set on my stomach. I couldn't take staring at how swollen his lips looked because of me, and I lifted my hands back into his hair and crashed his lips against mine. His hands were still on my bare stomach whereas mine were pulling on his hair as the kiss intensified.

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