Chapter 8

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Listening to the soft beat of the music waving through the speakers put my mind at an ease. I didn't quite think it was possible considering what I was on my way to do.

I decided what exactly to say to Eli. I recited it in my head multiple times, and aloud once to be sure it was okay.

I pulled into the driveway of his house, thinking that normal people would just call, but I don't have his number. And this is something you just don't do over the phone.

I got myself put together before getting out of the car and walking up to the door of his house, knocking generously.

I was then faced with AnneMarie. I admit that in my head this wasn't how I pictured this going at all, I pictured Eli answering but I suppose I could've been realistic to my luck.

"Hello, Timothy. I didn't know you were coming over." AnneMarie was quite beautiful, I don't think I noticed how much her daughter matched her looks before. Where Eli has brown golden eyes, she has green, much like Lia. But they all share the same chocolate colored hair. It's strange, genetics.

"Y-yeah. I don't think Eli knows either. I need to speak to him." I stuttered.

"Is it emergent dear? He's quite busy right now. He'll be available shortly." She replied. "Please come in, come in." She gestured for me to come inside, I did as I was told. She closed the door behind me, and I just stood in front of her, by the door, quite unsure of what to do next. Like I said, people make me uncomfortable.

"He'll be downstairs shortly, sweetie. Although, Amelia is in the kitchen coloring, she very much liked you when you were over here last week, you can go wait with her if you'd like. I'll just be in my craft room, I need to finish up a project." She turned around and headed into the living room, turning to a hallway just after.

I sigh shakily, and rubbed my hands on my jeans. This was quite unexpected, I just wanted to talk to Elijah, and then leave. But I suppose I could wait.

I adjusted my glasses, and turned to walk into the kitchen on my left. AnneMarie was right, Lia was sitting at a table much too large for her, her legs barely touching the floor she practically had to prop herself up while sitting on her bottom in the chair. I leaned in the doorway watching her but her push her lips together in concentration, coloring a picture of a castle. She was wearing a bright green dress with blue flowers on it, a blue bow in her hair. I thought that the green on her dress would bring out the green in her eyes. That is, until she looked up and saw me and confirmed that it very much did.

"Timothy!" She smiled brightly, her green eyes glittering as she hopped down and ran over to hug my legs as she did Elijah the first time I saw her. I still haven't confirmed her age, but she might've just been small for her age, but she was still all and all adorable.

I held her hand over to the table, where I sat in her spot and lifted her on my lap to where she could color without hurting her back by straining it so much. "I'm not that little you know."

"You looked like you needed some help." Kids intimidated me less then other people, it might just be because most of them would never notice my mistakes in how I show myself to the world, they just see someone to accompany them.

"I'm small for 6 years old, I know. People always think I'm 4. Just haven't grown a lot yet." She sighed dramatically and I laughed at how funny it was.

"You don't like it when people think you're lesser then you really are do you?" I knew asking her such a question was pointless, she was too young to understand it. Though we were having conversation, we were still coloring together. We were coloring the same picture, I was coloring the grass, her the princess's dress.

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