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Operation K.I.L.L. [Chapter 18]

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Operation K.I.L.L.

Chapter 18

"Um, yeah." Chad stopped in his tracks and walked back over to my bed. I sat up and felt the bed shift as Chad took a seat.

After I wrapped my arms around my legs and rested my head on my knees I started speaking, "What kind of relationship do your parents have?"

"They love each other. I swear they're like teenagers." Chad shook his head, "Why?"

"That's what I always wished my parents had. Or even get divorced, it would be better than the relationship they had." I could feel my eyes start to tear up as I thought about them, "They were that couple that always fought half of the time, but the other half they would love each other. It was beyond confusing for me to grow up with. The fighting started to get worse when I was probably sixteen. I stopped inviting friends over because it was so embarrassing to have them around when my parents would start fighting and swearing at each other. I hated it so much. One night I just couldn't take it. I ran away, to a friend's house." I inhaled a shaky breath.

I felt two strong arms wrap around me, "You don't have to continue if you don't want to."

"No, you wanted to know, so listen. So I ran to one of my closer friend's house and spent the night there. When I went back home the next morning I found out that my dad was dead." I felt the water start to pour out of my eyes, "Apparently when they had finally stopped fighting, they went to check on me. When I wasn't there they hopped in the car and drove around town trying to find me." I sobbed, "T-Th-Their car was hit by a drunk driver. My dad suffered a few hours before he died. After that I spent months blaming myself. I still do, but I try so, so hard to follow the advice I gave Dan. Easier said then done I guess." I choked out a small laugh as the tears kept flowing.

"I'm sorry." Dan said, his arms still around me.

"I don't want your pity. Do you know how awful it is, people always say that their sorry. It's not their fault so I just wish that they would stop saying sorry." That was one of the things that pissed me off the most.

"Oh, I...don't know what to say." I had a feeling that Chad was about to apologize again, but thankfully he caught himself.

"Don't say anything," I said simply.

"Alright." I felt as Chad pulled away one of his arms, probably checking the time. "I should go, it's late. I'll come get you so we can visit Lily before we leave tomorrow." Chad started getting up.

"Wait, what?! We're just going to leave her here?" How could they do that? She's a student. Shouldn't she come home with us?

"We have no other choice. We can't move her when she's in a coma. She'll have to stay here, and when she wakes up she can return."

It made sense, but still. "Can't we stay here until she wakes up then?" I didn't want to leave my best friend behind. I couldn't.

"We have no clue how long she could be in a coma. You would end up missed too much of school and we need to get out of here before someone puts the pieces together. You don't want to go to jail for murder, do you?" He asked


"Then we have to go home before they can figure it out. I'll come get you tomorrow." He said before he walked out of my room.


Short, I know, but I wanted this to be just about christina's history. So here you have it in a nutshell :P lol

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