KILLING ME SOFTLY - Teenage Assassin - Chapter 18

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Tokyo, Japan - March 8th

I cannot wait to kill this fucker.

I'm sitting in a private booth at a club called Vanilla, in Tokyo, with my latest target, Ren Tanaka. Sadistic motherfucker recently got off the hook for killing his wife. He was rich enough to hire the best lawyers in Japan and they were able to convince the jury of his innocence.

Unfortunately for him, his deceased wife's family is just as rich and able to hire someone like me to see that justice is served. Gladly.

The waitress brings me another vodka martini. My fourth, actually. I had to sip them at first, because they taste like complete crap, but after three others, this one tastes like water.

Ren leans over to shout at me that he has to use the restroom. I smile at him flirtatiously and shout back over the loud techno, "I'll miss you while you're gone!"

He gives me what he probably thinks is a sexy smile and saunters off towards the back of the club. Creep. I've been in Japan for the past two weeks. The first week, devising a plan to get close to him, the second week, being close to him.

I'm tired and I'm in need of a break. Since I left Miami, and the United States, four months ago, it's been one job after another.

After leaving Miami, I was pretty messed up for awhile there, and Jackson and I spent time in our townhouse in London. By the end of November, though, I was able to at least function as a human being. As opposed to being a heartbroken teenage girl. Jackson said that it was probably good that I was at least able to experience one thing that teenage girls go through. Break-up and heartbreak. I told him that I don't think my experience was quite the same as other girls.

I started taking jobs again in December and haven't stopped since. I haven't even gone to any of our homes for downtime. I've been to Brazil, China, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland, India and now here I am, in Japan. I'm ready to take a break. Maybe I'll go back to London.

I wonder what Jackson is doing right now. Last time I talked to him, he was finishing up a job in Canada.

Ren is taking too long in the bathroom and I want to get the hell out of Japan. I get up out of my seat and walk to the back of the club. I scoped out the place as soon as I found out this was where we were going tonight. I know exactly where all the security cameras are and I know when to turn my head away from them.

Even if I slip up, all that the cameras will catch is a female with a blond wig, spray tan, blue contacts and long fake eyelashes. I am wearing a slinky royal blue dress and black heeled boots. Once I'm out of the main area of the club, in the hallway, I reach into my black clutch and pull out a garrote.

I look around and enter the men's bathroom. Ren is at a sink, washing his hands. There is no one else in the bathroom. He looks up into the mirror and sees my reflection behind him. He smiles, "Are you here to attack me?"

Not in the way he hopes. I mean, sex in the men's bathroom? I don't think so. Especially not with him. As I lift up the garrote, his eyes go wide and he starts to move his right hand up to stop me.

Too late.

I quickly wrap the wire around his throat from behind and, holding onto the handles, tighten its hold on him. I prop one foot onto his lower back and secure my grip. He begins choking and wheezing. While his face turns red, so do his eyes as they bug out of his head. His throat starts bleeding as the wire digs into his skin.

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