KILLING ME SOFTLY - Teenage Assassin - Chapter 25

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"Well, I have to say, dealing drugs is a lot more lucrative than the killing business." I tell Gabriel, then feign shock, "Oh wait! I forgot, dealing drugs does involve killing." Then I feign remorse, "My bad."

Gabriel shoots me a dirty look from the leather seat across from me, "Shut up, Annabelle."

"Just sayin! Jeez, so touchy," I grin at Gabriel while reclining in my seat. "I've never flown on a private jet. First class international is my usual method." Then I laugh, "Unless I'm in a big hurry to get out of a country, then the traveling methods get a little more interesting."

Despite the interest that I can see burning in his eyes, Gabriel attempts a stoic expression and says monotonously, "That's awesome."

"You have no idea," I taunt him, knowing that he won't ask for details of my past escapades, despite the fact that he's dying to know.

I'm hiding my own emotions and thoughts much better than he is. But then again, I'm a professional. Gabriel is an amateur playing in my world. I'm actually quite annoyed. I'll be stuck with Gabriel on his family's private plane for the next twenty-two hours. A couple days ago, the idea would have given me a thrill, but that was before I caught him about to let some skank suck him off. Now, I'm just being tortured by his presence. I've written our 'relationship' off. Seriously, the skank is lucky to be alive.

Not to mention the fact that Jackson is royally pissed off at me at the moment. Big brother doesn't approve of my boyfriend, I guess. With the 'boyfriend' wanting to kill me and all, I can sort of see his problem. Jackson is currently on a commercial flight, flying first class to Sydney. He plans on continuing his little-sister-assassin-out-of-control babysitting job that Simon has him on, but from a distance. Probably with a sniper rifle aimed at Gabriel's head the entire time.

But, a deal is a deal and back in Paris, I made one with Gabriel. If he went back to Miami until graduation, then once he had donned that cap and gown, I'd let him know where in the world is Annabelle Blanc.

I didn't plan for him to escort me to my next assignment, but he says that he doesn't want to let me out of his sight. He pointed out that it did take him four months to track me down before he found me in Paris in March.

If I am to believe Gabriel, that she was the first girl that he's 'almost' messed around with since we separated six months ago, then he must be one horny teenage boy right about now.

Well, if I have to be uncomfortable with the situation, then so does he. Slowly, not looking at Gabriel, I start to lay sideways on the couch, knowing full well that it will cause my skirt to ride up as I raise my knees. My black lace panties are in full view.

I glance over at him nonchalantly, "It's going to be a long flight, you may want to lay down for a nap."

I don't even think he hears me as his eyes are glued to my crotch area. I stifle a laugh and squirm around on my seat, pretending to get comfortable. I move my hand down to my stomach and lift my shirt just enough to stroke a finger along my stomach.

I glance at him again and watch his eyes slowly move from my crotch area to my stomach and up to my face. I smile innocently at him.

He doesn't smile back, "Anna?"

"Yes, Gabriel?"

"Come here."

"What for?"

"So you can finish what you interrupted last night."

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