KILLING ME SOFTLY - Teenage Assassin - Chapter 16

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"Tell us how it happened one more time Mr. Sanchez. A summary. You don't have to go into as much detail as before." Detective Valdes glances over at Detective Decker and then gives me his serious cop look.

I bang my forehead against the table in the interrogation room. Lightly, of course. I think I've been knocked unconscious often enough in the last 24 hours. Courtesy of my girlfriend, uh, ex-girlfriend. I don't even know what the f*ck to call her anymore. Lover? Deceiver? Assassin? Definitely murderer.

I lift my head up off the table and give the detectives a tortured look. "Really? Again? How much longer is this going to last? We've been going round and round for the past five hours. I need to get home and be with my mother."

"I think my client has answered enough questions, detectives." My lawyer, Mr. Rogers says.

I hold up a hand, "One more time, then we're done?"

The detectives look at each other again, but say nothing. What are they doing? Telepathic communication? Detective Decker returns his gaze to me, "One more time."

I let out an exasperated breath. "Fine. This is what happened. I was with my girlfriend, Anna, in my room when we decided to go downstairs, to the kitchen, for some food. We were passing by my dad's study, when we thought we heard a loud thump. I thought that maybe my father had fallen and gotten hurt, so I went inside. Anna followed me into the study, where we saw my father, being held at gunpoint by a large man wearing a ski mask and gloves."

"And you didn't see the color of his eyes?" Detective Valdes interrupts my story.

"I already told you, 'No'. It all happened too fast and my eyes were on the gun." I look at both detectives, then continue. "Anyways, my father's bodyguard was already dead on the floor. In front of our eyes, the masked man threw a knife and it hit my dad's wrist. My father had been reaching towards his desk drawer. He keeps a gun in there."

"We found it." Detective Valdes informs me.

"Yes. Then the man shot my father and I thought that for sure we'd be next. The man turned the gun on us. I begged him not to hurt us, especially Anna. You see, she's a very sensitive girl. I think the shock of seeing something so horrible as murder had her really upset."

"You love her?" Valdes again.

"I already told you that I do." I have a bitter taste in my mouth. "Even though the gun was on me, I went over to my father's body to see if he was still breathing. He wasn't. It also got the gun off of Anna and solely on me. While I was crouching over my father's body, I was hit on the back of the head. I'm guessing with the gun. My world went black."

"And that's when you fell into the crime scene, laying in it while you were unconscious?" Detective Decker asks, while looking at his notes.


"And that's why the clothing covered in blood was found in your bedroom and blood was found in your bathroom sink?" Decker again.

"Yes, I when I woke up, I was lying next to my father's body, in a pool of blood."

"And Anna was gone?" Valdes asks for the one-hundredth time.

I show my anger at this point, since it fits the false story that I'm giving the cops. "Yes, like I already told you, Anna was gone. I can only assume that the killer took her with him."

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