KILLING ME SOFTLY - Teenage Assassin - Chapter 21

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After the heartbreaking almost-encounter with Gabriel in front of his hotel, I go back to my own hotel to be alone. Thank god Jackson isn't here. I don't want to deal with any more lectures from him while in the mood that I'm in.

Mood isn't quite the right word for it. Devastation. The look on Gabriel's face. Those beautiful eyes that mesmerized me from the start. Filled with so much hatred.

And I did it to him. Whether we ended up together in the end or not, he should have never known that the girl he loved was a killer. Especially the killer of his father. I should have smoothly slipped right back out of his life the same way that I'd slipped in. I was wrong to think that there would ever be a future for us where we could be together.

I am what I am. There's no changing that.

But oh, for a moment there, hope was alive. I had ridiculously thought that Gabriel was searching for me for romantic reasons. That he'd forgiven me for killing his father and wanted us to be together. If only . . .

Why IS he searching for me? That is what Simon sent Jackson and me here to find out. Simon said not to confront him until we had more information. I have a feeling, though, that a confrontation is inevitable. How else am I to find out what he wants from me?

I could bug his hotel room and the private investigator's room. Jackson always loves doing that.

I decide that I've done enough thinking for today and change out of my dress and into an oversized t-shirt. Time for a nap. Despite my determination not to cry anymore, the tears fall and I drift off to much-needed oblivion.

Only to be awoken some time later by a knock on the door. I still feel groggy as I pull myself out of bed and walk over to the door to look through the peephole. There is no on there. I rush to my bag and grab a gun out. I walk back over to the door and stand to the side. "Who's there?"

No answer.

I unlatch the door and swing it open, bringing the gun up at the same time. Right in front of Gabriel's face.

A myriad of expressions pass over the face that I cherish so much. Surprise, confusion, longing, anger, determination. Then he speaks, "Hello Annabelle Claire Blanc."

That startles me. "How did you find out?"

He looks coldly amused, "A mutual friend." He has an innocent expression on his face as he asks, "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

I look at him suspiciously, "Why would I do that?"

He doesn't answer, but instead hooks his foot behind my ankle, causing me to fall to almost fall on my back. I am trained for something like that, after all. I throw my arms back and do a back somersault, ending in a crouching position, facing him.

Unfortunately, my little maneuver caused me to drop my gun, which he now has in his hand. He holds it on me while stepping fully into the room and closing the door behind him, latch and all. If Jackson comes back, he won't be able to enter. At least not easily.

Gabriel takes a step forward and I slowly stand up from my crouched position. He smiles, but not in a pleasant way, "I just saw your panties, Annabelle."

I shrug, "I'm not gonna blush over it."

"Didn't think you would," he takes another step closer. "Whores usually don't." Despite his obvious hatred for me, his words still sting. But I manage not to flinch.

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