KILLING ME SOFTLY - Teenage Assassin - Chapter 8

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We sit on the couch in my room and watch the movie. Anna is so hilarious as we watch 'Kill Bill'. She laughs hysterically at the fight scenes and comments throughout the entire movie. She criticizes the mistakes that the other assassins make while fighting and laughs at the ridiculous ways the people die. She has an opinion on how she would have done this or that in the movie. She gets really quiet at the part where Uma Thurman's character gives up being an assassin because she's pregnant. Even though it's late, as soon as it's over, she insists that we watch 'Kill Bill: Vol. 2'.

When the movies are over, I do a fake pout, "You've ignored me all night."

She looks worried for a minute until she realizes that I'm just kidding and rolls her eyes, "Oh, poor baby. Next time we'll watch porn so that you can get a turn ignoring me."

I push her down onto her back on the couch and say, "If we watched porn, the last thing I'd do is ignore you."

She yawns theatrically, "I'm kind of tired. Will you take me home?"

I shake my head, "Nope. You owe me some attention. Plus, you should just stay the night. My mom won't care and since your parents are never even check up on you, I don't think they'll care either."

She looks unsure, "I don't know, Gabriel."

I reassure her, "We don't have to have sex. I can just hold you."

She smiles wickedly, "Or we can do something in between."

That's all I need to hear. I lower my mouth to hers, licking her full lips, before kissing her hungrily. I run my hands through her long reddish-brown hair, feeling it's silky texture. "You're so beautiful, Anna."

She strokes my cheek, "So are you."

I laugh and run kisses down her neck to her collarbone. At the same time, I move the bottom of her shirt up to stroke her stomach. I know that there's no way that she's a virgin, because she just oozes sex appeal, but that doesn't mean that she's easy, so I am being patient when it comes to sex.

"Can I take off your shirt, Anna?" I ask.

"Yes please," she says eagerly, making me laugh. I help her out of it and her weight falls back down onto the couch. I pull back to look at her in just her black lace bra and shorts. I lean back down to wrap her arms and legs around me, and I carry her to my bed. I place her down gently and kiss her again. I leave one hand on her cheek and reach down to run the other hand up her thigh, no knife strapped this time. I caress up over her hip and stomach to rest my hand over one of her breasts.

She moans, and I rub her nipple through her bra, "You like?"

"Very much," she answers. She has her hands under my shirt and is rubbing my back. I unclasp the front of her bra, then I hear the song 'Assassin' by Muse playing.

I pull my head up "What is that?"

"Hmm . . . what? Oh crap! That's my phone." she then skillfully flips me onto my back and jumps off the bed. What the hey? Her phone has already stopped ringing, but she picks it up and pushes a button, I'm guessing to call the person back.

She glances at me, then away, "What's up?" Silence. "You called for that? Shouldn't you be asleep?" Silence. "No. Shut up." Silence, Anna is blushing. "I'm coming back to the hotel now." Silence. "Okay, bye."

She hangs up and walks back to the bed. I am curious, "Who was that?"

She looks up at me, "That was my father."

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