KILLING ME SOFTLY - Teenage Assassin - Chapter 7

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When I come back to the hotel and enter the suite, Jackson is on the couch watching some reality show on MTV. I see some guy punch a girl in the face on the show. I'd like to teach her how to hit him back hard enough that he doesn't try that again. "This is getting pathetic, Jacks. I've never seen you watch so much television."

"I'm so bored, Annie. I'm not used to this long of a break in between jobs," he says.

"Well, why don't you call Simon and tell him you're available?" I ask.

He looks at me through narrowed eyes, "I don't know if that's such a good idea. I have a feeling that I should stick around here and keep an eye on you."

Crap! "What are you talking about Jackson? I've been on my own for a long time now."

"I know that, but do you usually walk around with a smile on your face after you spend time with a target?" he asks.

"Gabriel is the target's son and I am not walking around with a smile on my face," I say. The last thing I want is Jackson knowing that I've developed feelings for Gabriel. I trust him not to tell Simon, but other than that, I don't know how he'd react.

"So, you aren't falling for him?" he asks while keeping eye contact with me.

I sigh, "Jacks, I'm just enjoying doing regular teenager stuff."

"Are you thinking about quitting the killing biz and living a normal life?" his eyebrows are raised.

I laugh, "I think that I'd get bored pretty quickly, just like you are now."

"Okay," he says slowly. "As long as that's all it is. How about we spend some quality brother and sister time together?"

I smile, "What do you have in mind?"

"Well, I could use a little practice," he says.

"I'm up for it," I say, "I just need to change."

Two hours later, I am walking alone in the streets of one of the worst neighborhoods in Miami. I've changed into jeans, a tank top and leather jacket. It's not too hot in the evenings this time of year, so I'm okay with using the leather jacket to hide my weapons. Although, I probably won't need them.

I see a group of five tough-looking guys across the street. I cross the street, so that I'll walk right past them. As I walk past them, I make sure to not even look at them. I want to be sure that they deserve what's coming to them, if they do what I think they'll do.

And they do it. When I am only a few feet past them, one of them says, "Hey sexy, why don't you come back and hang out with us?"

I grin evilly before turning around with the grin wiped off my face, "No thank you." I keep walking, but within seconds, someone grabs me from behind.

He whispers in my ear, "I think you should change your mind."

I pretend to struggle, "And I think you should let me go."

"Fine, we'll do this the hard way," he says and drags me into an alley, with the rest of the guys following.

I am still pretending to struggle when Jackson arrives at the entrance of the alley, "Unless you all want to get your asses kicked, I suggest you let the girl go."

"Fuck off before we beat the shit out of you!" one of them yells at Jackson.

"You asked for it," Jackson says.

"I agree," I say and the guy holding me squeezes me tighter.

Jackson puts both of his hands up in the air and one bent leg up in the air also, like in "The Karate Kid" to make me laugh. The thugs start laughing too and the one holding me says, "Piss off, punk!"

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