KILLING ME SOFTLY - Teenage Assassin - Chapter 4

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"So, this is your city, what do you want to do?" I ask him.

"Who needs to go anywhere when we have a perfectly good hotel room upstairs?" Gabriel suggests. I don't need to watch teen movies to know that teenage boys are just like all men. All they think about is sex.

I lean in close enough to kiss him, "How about we go for a walk on the beach instead?" Then I pull away before he can close the distance with his lips and start walking towards the beach.

I can hear him following behind me and he calls out, "Don't you want to go upstairs to change first?"

"No!" I call out and keep walking. He catches up with me and when we reach the sand, I pull of my heels and leave them where I stand.

We are walking in silence for a minute when Gabriel asks me, "So who was the guy at the club? Your boyfriend?"

I laugh, "Max was asking about him too."

"Well, what did you tell him?" Gabriel asks impatiently.

"I didn't tell him anything. But, if you must know, 'NO' he isn't my boyfriend. I don't believe in relationships," I say.

"Well, who is he?" Gabriel asks.

"Why, do you want me to hook you up with him?" I tease.

"No, but Max may be interested," he says. "So, do you like Max?"

"Is this the part where I check the box 'yes' or 'no'?" I ask him.

"Why is it so hard to get you to answer a question?" he asks.

"Why do you care?" I counter.

"See! That's what I'm talking about!" he says and grabs my wrist to pull me to a stop. We are facing each other and I am staring up into his piercing green eyes. Something about looking into his eyes makes me uncomfortable. I feel like he is going to find me out my secrets. The way he's looking at me, like he is trying to figure me out.

"It's starting to get dark," I tell him. "We should head back."

"I like the dark," he says. "It gives us privacy for this." He weaves his fingers through my hair and brings my lips to his. The instant our lips touch, I feel as though I've been shocked. I pull back and see the same confusion on his face that I am feeling. I start to pull away and he whispers, "Shh," then brings his lips back down onto mine.

The spark is still there and as the kiss deepens it feels like the whole world is disappearing around us. I forget that this is a job. I forget that his father is the target. I kiss him back as passionately as he is kissing me. He lowers me onto the sand. He starts kissing my neck and I moan. One of his hands is behind my head and the other is on my thigh. My hand are on his back, pressing him closer to me.

He pulls his head up and I am again looking into his mesmerizing eyes, "You're mine now, Anna."

That snaps me out of my daze. I quickly scramble up and start backing away, "I'll never belong to any man," I say and start jogging down the sand, away from him. When I pass by my shoes, I grab them, put them back on and go into the hotel. Once I am alone in the privacy of the elevator, I lean against the wall.

What just happened? I've kissed lots of guys and I've never experienced anything like that. The word 'love' flashes through my mind and I give my head a shake. Love is for fools. Gabriel isn't any more interested in love than I am.

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