::4:: Clothe Yourself

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I cursed myself as I trudged up and through the halls. I forgot to ask which room was his. Because guess and check was so not working out for me. It feels like I've been in every room except his.

I know, I know. Genius Alex. Trust me; I already know.

So I've been wandering these halls for what seems like forever, but when I checked a wall clock was only five minutes. I knew this would take forever. I couldn't believe how many rooms they had on one floor. It shouldn't even be possible.

Note to self- pay attention to where you're going so you don't run into boys who are only in towels. Yes especially the ones only in towels.

I blinked running into Tyson, who had just come out of the shower or something. The plate of pancakes flew to the ground; the syrup was all over the floor and the both of us. He cursed and glared at me, "What where you're going you klutz."

I scowled and gave him the dirtiest look I could manage. "If you ate down there with the rest of those twits we wouldn't be having this problem at all. So it's your fault."

He just rolled his eyes. "I'll eat where ever and whenever I want. So if you're done being a bitchy little whore you can head back down stairs. I have to take another shower." He turned around and headed back to I guess what was the shower room. "Also you have a mess to clean up." He called over his shoulder.

By the time he shut the door, my teeth were gritted and my hands were shaking slightly. He makes me so furious! I am not a bitchy little whore. He doesn't know anything about me to be calling me that. And why the hell does he think I'M cleaning up the pancake mess? Because I'm not going to now. I might have before, but not now.

I headed back downstairs with the strongest urge to punch and break stuff. Strange I don't think I've ever been this mad before.

Path of Destruction here I come.

~*Ryan's P.O.V*~

Alli stomped back into the kitchen with syrup all over her clothes. She also had on a murderous look. I sighed inwardly. Abe leaned over, "Well at least we know she's not going to give up."

Craddoc looked over confused. "How do we know that?"

"Because she's pissed off, and anyone knows when you piss off a girl they give you hell."

Abe nodded and grinned at me. "This is going to be interesting. I've never seen a girl react this way to Tyson no matter how much of an asshole he was to them. She's going the kill him!"

Alli glared over at us, "Just because you're whispering doesn't mean I can't hear you. So do yourselves a favor and shut up!" She snarled at us.

I flinched slightly. Man she had a sharp tongue. I could see the other guys shrinking down slightly too.

She sighed slightly. "Now where's a bathroom and clothes because I'm kind of syrupy..."

I looked over to Craddoc and he shrugged and stood up. "Common." He muttered and walked out of the room. Alli's face was somewhat calm but she was still mad, as she walked out after him. She was muttering crossly to herself.

When the door closed behind her I looked over at Abe. "Maybe if he's killed he'll go back to normal."

He nodded in agreement.

A few minutes later Craddoc walked in with the biggest grin on his face. He sat down at the table an we stared at him. He suddenly burst out laughing. The guy was like rolling on the ground bubbling with laughter.

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